Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweatshop- Studio Sunday

Happy Sunday !

I'm doing something I said I wasn't going to do .

But what the heck , why not ?

This is the place I spend most of my day in . That's why I call it my sweatshop.

As you head down my gallery hall to the first door on the right , this is what you see.

I know ... It is jam packed with stuff. ( Does this look like an episode of The Hoarders ?)

The Beatles picture above the window was a gift from my son . He remembered me telling him I was a loyal follower back in the late sixties. I love it !

To the right of the door is this area , there are tools here , hammers , screwdrivers , drimmels, wood and metal things on which to paint. and a small desk. close up of such stuff ... Turn just a little and you will find my computer area , where Wannabe Cottage hits the air , and also where I find a lot of inspiration. ( I also pay a lot of bills here .) Next to the computer area is a nook where I keep ribbon , more crafty stuff , and cutter quilts for crafts and dolls.
This is my work table where all kinds of projects happen ,sometimes three or four at a time.
Current dolls being born , this is how it starts .
Above that table in those red and white boxes are patterns I have collected ,and above that a smidgen of the fabric I have.
There is lace and trim there as well as any color thread you might want.
Sewing area and cone threads, the two colors I use the most on the antique thread caddy.
What little bit of wall space I have is covered with pictures of the folks who inspired me in life. My parents in their younger days.

Above the clock is a picture of my late husband's parents on their wedding day., way back in the twenties .
You have to have furry stuff for the critters , and craft paint and brushes for who knows what, and of course the trusty glue gun , and electric pencil sharpener.
More fabric , bins of yarn for doll hair.
Standing by the sewing machine looking back towards the door , you can get a feel for how small the room is. Behind the door in those three storage cabinets is... You guessed it ! More fabric.
There you have it ... My studio , office, workroom, SWEATSHOP !

Today I am going to link this with Rebecca Ersfild for Vintage living , Studio Sunday.
A RE-purposed Life .
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  1. Wow I thought I had a lot of stuff! But if you have many tastes, you'll have much more stuff. I have a ton of different things! And not all in one room either. lol Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

    Hugs XX

  2. Hi
    Thanks so much for the tour of your studio, it is all very creative! Lots and lots of goodies.
    Thanks again for joining Studio Sunday!
    Blessings today

  3. Wow! You sure do have stocked shelves! lol Thanks for showing us around the studio!

  4. Sharon, I'll bet this room is your favorite room in the house most of the time!! I love the fact that your son got you a Beatles pic - I had my bedroom wallpapered with pics of The Beatles when I was in high school! Seriously...

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Isn't it wonderful to have your own little space where you can create and just be yourself.
    Where you can keep all your stash and be inspired whenever you walk in the door. I love your little space and I love what you create.


  6. Wow, Sharon,
    I don't know how you got it all in there! I am envious! It looks fantastic!
    And it's also neat because now I can picture where you're creating and awesome!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog...I was really wanting to know how others feel about this too...I think it is definitely a movement.

    Actually, I only found out about blogging because I had a website and people who visited came from blogs...I only started mine in a flash of excitement because I was joining the Bloggerette Sorority and I thought it would make it easier to communicate with people...Little did I know what changes it would bring--or that I'd never go back to my website even though it is still there for display (and memories for me.)

    I hope you're having a creative day--and no kidding, my daughter always says, "How's it goin' in your sweatshop?" lol

  7. It all looks wonderfully normal to me.......thanks for stopping by with the congratulations....also just became your newest follower.

  8. Looks great! I just cleaned out my craft armoire. It was a mess.