Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweetie Pie Cottage–Two Booths !

I know it’s been awhile again , but we have been really busy . We had our last craft show a little over a week ago .
We had a great show , and were really tired after it was over .
We came home and started getting ready for our new booth in downtown Harrison.” Down Home Creations “.
This is what we started with …
Billie and I worked Monday to get all the display stuff in .
I have to mention Billie's husband Jeff who helped us move in all the heavy stuff . You rock Jeff !
I took this picture with my phone and it’s a bit blurry .
Pam and I went in this morning and added a bunch of
stuff …








We are so excited ! This crafts mall opens this Friday , November 1st.
If you are in the area the hours are 10 am till 6 pm Monday through Saturday , and 1 pm till 5 pm on Sunday .
Please come down and visit our booth , and check out all the other cool booths there too !
This Friday Pam and I are going down to our other booth at Lovejoy’s and revamp it for Christmas .
“Lovejoy Collectables” is open 7 days a week from 9 am till 5 pm .

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I’m Back !

Gosh ! It’s been a while since I last posted !
I have been busy making things for our craft shows this year . As usual I waited till the last minute to get anything done , so I have been working non-stop to catch up .
We are only doing two shows this year , the first of which is this Friday , Saturday , and Sunday in Harrison , Arkansas.  Tomorrow evening is setup time .
So I thought I would show you some of the things I have been working on .
A couple examples of the caps I decorated …
Some of the furniture I refinished , some chalkboards ,and some pumpkin paintings , plus the burlap pillows in the background .

I took some time to make a rag garland and a new sign to make our booth pretty .
I also made a bunch of flea-market pocket bags ,decorated some canning jars for pretty vases , and painted and added Halloween labels to a bunch of odd jars and bottles , They turned out really cute but I neglected to take pictures of the a-fore  mentioned items , so if you are in the area come on down to the square in Harrison and see them .
Wait till you see the cute Halloween dolls and decorations that Pam has made . And Billie has been quilting like crazy to have some things too.
Hope to see you there !