Monday, February 27, 2012

French Chair # 2

It was one week ago today that my daughter picked up this chair from the antique store that it was holding it for me . This is the second chair that I was telling you about .


I like pink . But this was all wrong . Plus she was a little warn .


So I took all the upholstery off . See that rolled stuff around the edge ? It just disintegrated in my hands , and I have had allergy problems ever since . Look at the fabric that was separating the padding from the springs .


Once I got her all striped down and cleaned up I started painting her.


Pretty details .


I distressed and waxed her , then started dressing her back up.


I did the CitraSolv method again.

Graphic from the Graphic Fairy .


Peeking to see if it transferred right.


The transfer before the fabric pin.


And after.


Just a little less faded looking . Although that faded look looks great on some things .

Here she is all finished !



And sitting in the living room with her sister .

Do you like them ? I’m just tickled freaky about them .


I sure wish that TV had a frenchy white frame around it !

One last picture for fun.


I just thought it was pretty the way the light came through the lace panels and accented the angel .

Okay , now it’s on to the next project ! Have a great week !

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

French Makeover


I found this chair at the flea market.

And as you can see I started taking the trim off before I remembered to take a before picture.

Well now she has a new look…


I painted her Cotton Whisper by Behr then gave her a clear Briwax , then a light coat of Tudor Brown Briwax to show off her curves.


I did a CitriSolv transfer technique on the front panel of the back , I darkened the outline of the graphic from the Graphic Fairy with a Sharpie fabric pin .


I used drop cloth fabric that I bleached for the cover.

Then sat her in the corner of my living room .


She seems very happy there …


I’m happy to have her there !

The best part is while shopping Saturday I found another chair in a booth in one of my local haunts flea markets. I asked the lady at the desk if the person selling it would possibly take any less , ( she was only asking $45.00 , but I thought it was worth a try. ) So she tried to call her , but she wasn’t home . she took my name and phone number and said she would call me and let me know . When she called me later she told me she would take $38.00. Yea !! She is holding it till tomorrow for me . It’s very similar to this with a little carving on it and a little padding on the arms . I have been wanting these for a very long time and couldn’t fine them anywhere , then I find 2 in less than two weeks at fantastic prices .

Here is another little cutie I found at the same place…027

It was really dirty and dusty , so I brought it home and soaked it in sudsy water for a little while then rinsed and dried it , it has a bisque finish and now it is lovely. Cost me a whole $2.00 !

Someone up there knows my pocketbook isn’t very deep and is watching out for me .

I’ll show you the other chair when I get it home .

Thanks for stopping by today . Have a great week !

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Treasure Finds

Over the weekend Sister and I did some Treasure hunting . We hit an antique show and a few flea markets . I didn’t find a lot of stuff , but what I did find I am happy with .

I have been looking for some Frenchy chairs for some time but haven’t had much luck finding anything with the right shape in a price I could afford . As we walked by this one booth for the second time , Pam said “ What about this one ?” And in this booth piled high with stuff buried under more stuff , was this little beauty.


As you can see I started taking the trim off before it dawned on me to take a before picture .


Here you can see what the trim that was on the front looked like before I took it off .


Isn't she sweet ? I have her finished in my mind . Painted white , recovered in a bleached out drop cloth fabric with French graphics on it. the only thing I could have wished for was a little carving in the wood . But hay ! It only cost me $29.00 ! It is in excellent condition , just the wrong color .

I’ll show her again when I have her done .

I also found this wire storage basket . Have I told you I have this thing about wire and metal baskets ?


See how nice it fits under my island !


That’s it ! That’s all I found . I spent a total of $35.00 including tax . So I was pleased . Now I can’t wait to get started on my French chair . Does anyone know an easy way to get all those old staples out of the old upholstery ?

By the way !

Happy Valentine's Day !

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pantry Redo ( Or Should I Say Finish ? )

Do you see these unfinished shelves in this pantry ?


When this pantry was built ( 7 or 8 years ago ) stuff just got stored in it before I ever got a chance to paint the shelves .

So yesterday I decided that since today was garbage day I would clean it out and get rid of anything that had an expired date on it . And I swear I found some oatmeal and some grits that had been in there since the beginning of time .

While it was so clean I figured it was time to put a coat of paint on those poor naked shelves .


And if you will look back at that first picture you will see a stack of cook books on top of that small cabinet on the side. That has been bugging me for a long time too .

I added some cute red check shelf paper and reloaded this baby .


The cook books now have a home inside and out of sight when the door is closed .


That leaves a little space on top of the little phone cabinet to decorate , and room for the phone books and a pad of paper and a place to put my postage stamps and such stuff .

You can tell by the few things in this pantry . that I am the only one that lives in this house . I suppose I could put Bubba’s food on the bottom shelf now , instead of in the laundry room . I will have to find some pretty red container to keep it in so he can’t get into it when the door is open .

There is such a nice feeling of accomplishment when you finish something that needed to be done .

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mild Winter

The winter has been so mild around here that the bears in my neighborhood are not hibernating . Instead they are hanging out on my entry table waiting for snow so they can go sledding .

I finished the two in the basket before Christmas , you may remember seeing them sitting around my tree . The two large girls I just finished this week.


They will soon go into a bin (to hibernate ) to wait for next year’s round of craft shows. But in the mean time I am having a little fun with them and sharing them with you .



The two in the basket are from a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern and the two big funky girls are from a Red Dirt Primitives pattern.

In case you can’t read it the tag says “ Love a bear and she will follow you everywhere.”

I hope you have a beary nice weekend !

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