Monday, August 26, 2013

Two New Repurposed Projects

I have been working on two projects that I am excited about . This is a birdcage I found at a garage sale , I painted it then waited weeks while I searched for a hanging light that I could take apart for the electrical parts. The Hanging light kits at Home Depot were $15.00 and I did not want to spend that much , because I would have to charge to much for the light .


Here it is hanging in our booth at Lovejoy’s .

The next project is a headboard I found at a garage sale . I new when I saw it what it was going to be . Here is my before picture .


Here is the after…


Now it would be great in an entry hall or even a mudroom , there are 3 hooks for hanging coats and hats , and a shelf for you pretties . Plus a chalkboard , there is a little sack with chalk in it .
I had a lot of fun re-purposing these two items , now they have a whole new life as something different .
Okay , time to get back to work , we have a couple of craft shows coming up and we want to take some of our remade furniture to them .

Have a great week !

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Desk Makeover

I showed you this picture last time we talked …

Well now it has a new look …


A fresh coat of white paint a little distressing and a light coat of clear wax .

It now lives in my living room and I am sitting at it writing this blog .

Now I need to make a slipcover for the ugly desk chair so if fits with everything else in there .
Here is a little cabinet I found at a sale , it did have a wood finish , but now it’s white ( of course ) with a little touch of red to make the sweet vintage print pop .

I was going to take it down to the booth at Lovejoys , but my neighbor saw it and wants it , so it has a new home . Sold !

Friday, August 2, 2013

A Few More Garage Sale Redo’s

Here are a few more garage sale finds that have a new life . You remember this picture don’t you ?
See that little jelly cupboard ?

This is what it looks like now …

It already has a new home ! SOLD !
Here is a little drop leaf table I got really cheep cause one of the wing legs was gone . So I built a new one .

I painted it the same green as the the cupboard .
It’s great for a small space .


This is the next project I’m working on , This one is for me .
It had this nifty linoleum top…
This will be in my living room , a spot for my laptop to
live . So stay tuned girls and boys , I’ll be back soon with the desk makeover .
Have a great weekend !