Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prairie Inspiration Table

A few weeks back I got my copy of Fifi's book , Romantic Prairie Style , I love this book there are so many inspiring photos and lifestyles.Anyway on pages 132 and 134 there are pictures of this farm table.

I fell in love with it the minute I saw it , I did some looking around and came to the conclusion that there wasn't one that I could afford in my area.

So then I thought , "I have and old door in the garage , Maybe I can make a table out of that ."

Well being an old door it wasn't flat so I thought I could get a piece of Plexiglas to put on top to have a smooth surface to eat from. When I called the local glass place for a price check on a piece of Plexiglas to fit they told me it would be $86. and change for it , OK that's more than I wanted to pay for just the table top , I am living on Social Security, I have to be frugal !
So I decided to just get boards and make the whole dang thing.

Here it is in the painting stage , I didn't think to take pictures while I was putting it together,( I was to busy cussing at the screwdriver and saws ).

Once I got it in the house to paint things went smoother.

Of course I had to manhandle it some to get it turned over to paint the bottom. ( because I'm to impatient to wait for someone to come help me.)

So here she is , all done !

I am thrilled with how it turned out.

Go back up and look at those pictures again .

Not to bad for an old girl , huh ?

Just in time for Easter dinner !

If I'm not to late I'm going to link this up with.

One other thing !

I am slowly creeping up on 100 followers , and I am thinking about a giveaway.

I was thinking, tell me if you like this idea.

That I would do a black and white portrait drawing from a photo that the winner would send me.

It could be an old photo of your grandmother ,or one yourself or one of your children or grandchild.Whom ever you like. Do you like that idea ?

Let me know !

OH ! almost forgot , I'm going to paint a couple of these chairs , and remove a couple of the other ones to go with the table , I like the mismatched chairs better . I'll keep you updated.


  1. Woooooow, most definitely NOT bad!!! In fact, gorgeous is more the word! You did an amazing job on that!!!

  2. P.S. I think your giveaway idea is fabulous:)

  3. I am completely blown away at how well you were able to build a table to look like your inspiration photo! I have the same book and love it but gosh I have not gotten off my hiney like you have and started building my own furniture. You go girl and about your giveaway I think it absolutely wonderful and a sweet thing to do!

  4. Hi Sharon!
    I am so impressed and amazed! How in the world did you learn to make a table! I think you are secretly hiding little elves in your house and they made it for you. It's gorgeous and looks perfect. The little chairs are going to look good too.


  5. I am in awe, really you amaze me.

  6. Sharon, your table is amazing! You are really something, to take on a project like that with no help, and get it in the house and set up. I love it! You really are an inspiration!

  7. Great job Lady!!! Now come make me one too! :)
    I love the chair idea too! Looking forward to that post. I don't know if Lowe's has plexiglass or not but I get all my glass cut there for picture frames that I find without glass. They are much cheaper than going to a glass place. Great job also on getting 100 followers. I still only have 18 :(
    Maybe someday I can think about giving a gift too. LOL!

  8. OH WOW, Sharon!! This is amazing!!! I LOVE your beautiful table--it is brilliant!

    Wishing you a Happy Easter filled with joy.
    Love & blessings,

  9. Hello from Canada! I love your table and think you did a terrific job! Please stop by and check out my headboard build.

  10. Isn't it amazing what we can do when we set our minds to it!!! Thanks for the encourageing words -- the house is looking better & I've been to the grocery store -- whoopie!!! The bench is 43" long & it will be going to the shop. Probably Monday. If you want a better picture let me know. I'll also let you know the price but I have to look it up. Happy Easter! And I think the picture give-away is a great idea. Jan

  11. I am now a follower of your lovely blog!

  12. Hi, Sharon! I'm admiring all your creative posts here so can you please share them with us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? The link is at Thank you so much :)

  13. love your table. You did a great job. Did you just go from the picture or did you use plans?

  14. Very impressive! It looks like the one on the picture. Congratulations to your new table. I'm really happy that you got what you want at a reasonable price :)

  15. Ok Sharon, I just stopped by from WhisperWood Cottage because I saw the thumbnail of your table.... I LOVE it... I've been looking for a table for a long time now and I can't justify spending what PB wants.... How did you make that table????? I am so impressed that you built it. Can you please tell me what kind of wood you used for it??? I'd love to make one with my husband. I think we should hopefully be able to handle it! My hat is off to you and I'm following you now because that table is a HIT with me!