Monday, December 17, 2012

Almost Here !

Just one more week till Christmas !
I can’t believe it’s here so fast !
I thought I would show you the rest of the pictures I took of the decorations around my house. This is on top of the old cupboard in the kitchen.


Inside the cupboard…
The table in the sunroom…
The buffet in the entryway…
This is me schmoozing with Santa , I’m hoping he will bring me something good for Christmas .
I hope he brings you something good too !
And I am praying for peace and comfort for all those affected by Fridays terrible events.
I find it hard to get those children out of my mind . God please be with those families !
May God bless you my blog friends and bring you peace.
Merry Christmas !

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Outside

Since I live in the Ozarks I thought it would be funny this last summer to put an old washing machine on my front porch to go along with the old wash tubs I already had there. They did look cute filled with flowers last summer.
Hmmm… What would Li’l Abner do ?
Why he would fill them with greenery , and small trees , and lights , and dried Hydrangeas …
 Wouldn’t he ?




I bet Li’l Abner didn’t have a pink door !
Merry Christmas !

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ornaments For The Kids

Every year I make a hand made ornament for my grand-kids and my great nieces and nephews. After about 16 years it’s getting hard to come up with something different .
So I perused Pinterest and found this…
It’s from the Mamie Jane’s blog , she used some leftover pieces of yard stick that she used for another project , and some Scrabble tiles. So I thought “ There you go ! I’ve got the components for that !”
I made one for each child with their name on it , and a few extra with Noel on them . Then I got in a big hurry to get them packaged up for mailing and forgot to take pictures of them all . I made 13 in all .
Here are what I had left that weren’t packaged when I remembered to take pictures .
I love how they turned out and I hope all the kido’s like them.
Thanks to Mamie Jane’s for the inspiration !