Thursday, May 9, 2013

Working On The Laundry Room

A few weeks ago my dryer decided to go on the fritz , So after replacing several parts it still wouldn’t heat. Unfortunately it was connected to the washer , as in stacked unit .
Here you can see it from the back , it use to sit beside that wall cabinet and there was a small sink in a cabinet below that .
I decided  not to get another stacked washer and dryer cause I didn’t like the idea of having to replace them both if only one was broke . So my son-in-law and I tore out that sink to make room for a normal washer and dryer .
Here is the space after cleaning and giving it a new coat of paint .
And this is what it looks like now !
I also took out the cabinet I had on the wall to the right and brought in the little green vintage cabinet that I redid a few months ago . I can hide much more stuff in this cabinet and it looks a lot cuter . Plus it brings in that vintage look that I love .
On the opposite wall I used to have an open book case for storage , it always held junk like paint cans and such , it was always ugly . Now I have a bench with suitcases stacked on it . That feed sack hides the electrical panel .
That door you see is my central vac. closet , and there is some storage in there . The back door is to the left of this bench .
On the right side of the washer and dryer is the door into my messy closet , it has another door that opens into my master bath that is on the backside of this laundry. It makes it convenient for putting away clean clothes .
But then there are two more doors in this laundry , one is into the furnace closet .It’s the one with the Ironing board on it .
To the right of the mop and broom wall is the door into the kitchen . That’s right ,5 doors in one tiny room! That makes wall space really sparse .
I use to keep that kitchen door closed all the time , because the laundry always looked awful . but now I am liking it ,and it fits better with the rest of the house . I still have a few things I want to do in there , like get rid of that boarder around the top . I already have it down on the washer and dryer wall but still have to do the rest.  But at least now I’m not ashamed to let people see my laundry room .

If some of you are wondering how the Weight Watchers is going , Since  the end of Feb . I have lost almost 12 pounds . I am still working at it , I would like to loose about 25 pounds . I am learning to eat more healthy foods and watch my portions . I guess that's what it is all about .
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