Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Evening Stroll

We had a brief rain an hour or so ago , so brief the ground didn’t even get wet . But it cooled down so I got out with my camera and walked around the house and yard .
The window box  with the impatiens at the end of the porch is doing good as long as I keep them watered . We have had very little rain for the last few weeks so I have to water at least every other day .
Two of the hanging plants on my porch have birds’ nests in them , this one is a house wren  and there is a sparrow nest in one of my ferns .
The hollyhocks are not doing well this year , they are covered in rust , I like rust on my metal , not on my hollyhocks .
The poppy seeds I scattered last fall are doing great ! Don’t you love these colors ?

I guess these hanging pots are just perfect home sights for the birds .
I am loving my hydrangeas this year .
There are shades of pink and lavender in the bush , I have never had that before. Maybe putting the mulch around it has changed the acidity of the soil .



There are only a few pretty roses left on the climbing rose , I trimmed all the dead ones off today , now it will regroup and bloom again .
A stand of poke salad and Queen Anne’s Lace at the edge of the woods . the woods behind my house is so thick with brush you can’t walk through it.
It is full of blackberry vines that are covered in berries that are beginning to dry up for lack of rain .
And wild roses that don’t seam to mind the lack of rain.
Look at all the berries on this cedar  tree…
This will make the Cardinals happy.
This is a view of my woods from the neighbors yard . His is cleared farther back than mine is . That’s okay , I don’t have to mow as much .
It’s a great place for the wild life to live , although I haven’t seen many deer lately .
Well we are back at the porch again . Thanks for taking a walk with me !
You are welcome anytime .
Hope you all had a beautiful weekend !

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last posted …
Time flies when your having fun , I’ve had company . My friend and her husband stopped by for a few days . The ones I traveled with last year in the RV .
They park their RV in my front drive so I have neighbors for awhile. We have so much fun , wish they could have stayed longer !
Look what they brought me …
Most of these boxes are silverware boxes , the big one in the second picture is full of flatware , service for 12 ! She bought them all at garage sales and estate sales in Arizona , where they live. Now all I have to do is make something cool out of them . They make great jewelry and keepsake boxes . She said she got them all for under $20.00 . She is a good bargain hunter .
I went treasure hunting last Saturday , this is what I found …
White queen size Battenberg lace duvet cover…
Pillow shams…
3 sets of curtain panels with valances…
And a round table cloth , all for $8.00 !
I couldn’t believe it ! It is in very good shape with no stains or spots . This is my guest room I have them in.  Do you see the color on the wall ? It is a pale yellow green . I am not loving it !
I want something that shows the white off better.
I’m thinking something in the third or forth chip down , but I can’t decide what color I like the best . I was first thinking pink , but now I’m thinking something a little more fresh an tropical . What do you think ? I need help here !
These are all colors from Wal-Mart , I haven’t had a chance to go anywhere else yet . So if you can recommend a good color let me know .
Calm Misty Sea , Bahamas Underwater Green , Breezy Summer House . Names that make my imagination run wild .
So good to be back here ! I’ve missed you !
Joining the White Wednesday Party over at Faded Charm .

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just Messin In The Garden

Sorry about the lull in blogging ! I haven’t been up to much this past week other than trying to get my gardens in shape.
This first picture was taken last week when my wisteria was blooming , the blooms are almost gone now .
And here is a before , can you tell what I’m about to do ?
Isn’t it amazing what a difference spreading a little mulch around can make ?

I’m happy with how things are looking.
This is a view from the side garden at the end of the porch.
Look at all the buds on this hydrangea bush .
Can’t wait till it’s filled with beautiful blue blooms.
My son brought me more mulch this morning and we filled in the island bed in the front yard . It sure looks better .
Do you like my chair pot ?
Back on the front porch , I finally got my washtub filled .
On the other side of the door is this little vignette .
The Calla Lilly will be planted in the garden soon , just haven’t decided where I want it yet .
The bucket with the brown paper graphic was an idea I saw on Pinterest . Love it !
My son bought me these two huge Bougainvillea hanging plants for my birthday.
Can’t wait to see how big they get , I’ve never had one before .
View from the front island bed back toward the porch .
I have one more island bed out towards the road that is a mess that I have to clean out and refresh .  I wish I had lots of money to spend on plants , I just love it when there are blooms everywhere . Oh well !
I saw this on Pinterest , and it made me count my blessings .
Thank you God ! I am so fortunate !