Thursday, November 29, 2012

O Tannenbaum

My Christmas tree is up…
With a little help from these two…
My two favorite teenagers !
Don’t you love the skirt ? It was a special order I had made by “ The Sewing Nun “ AKA “ Sister Teresa “ A sweet lady we met at a craft fair several years ago , last year I asked her to make me a tree skirt in white and bring it this year to the craft fair we do together . I was so pleased !
If you double click on it you can see it better.
The fabric is a white on white print with a satin sheen and a lace edging . I almost don’t want to cover it up with gifts.
All I have to do now is pull out the stockings and hang them to be done decorating the living room .

Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Feather Tree

I made these feather trees yesterday , I didn’t take pictures as I went along , but it was so easy , and I will tell you how to do it .


I bought two 14” Sty-ro-foam cones , but you could use any card board or paper cone shape, I covered my cones with paper so the hot glue wouldn’t melt the sty-ro-foam. I got two 60% off feather boas at JoAnn’s Saturday.
All you do is start at the bottom of your cone and glue and wrap the boa in a spiral , add a little hot glue, wrap, add a little more and wrap some more till you get to the top. I painted a couple of candle holders silver and glued a cardboard disk to it then glued the cone to it, then I added a dollar store silver ornament to the top. I should have  used taller candle sticks because I ended up putting them on boxes to make them taller , but I used what I had.


I had one taller candle stick , so I glued this folded book page tree to it, I gave it a little spritz of silver paint too.

I love how the feather trees came out and it was so simple !
I’m liking how the mantel is coming along too.
What do you think ? Are you going to try it ?

Oh ! I added a few things to my Etsy shop today, please go over and take a look.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Coffee Table and Thanksgiving Anticipation

When Sis and I went on our girls day out last Friday I found this table at one of the antique and flea markets.
I love the tray top ,the only thing I wanted that it doesn’t have is a shelf underneath , but I think with the way it’s made I’ll be able to add one .
Of course I couldn’t leave it black , that just doesn’t go with my house .
I found a store that sells CeCe Caldwell chalk and clay paint ,( on that same shopping trip), so I painted it  “Simply White “.
Then added some clear and dark wax to it and this is how it came out …
I got just a little more dark wax than I wanted on the top, but I think I can live with it. I’m calling it finished for right now cause Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I wanted it in my living room .
I have my tables all set up ready for the big meal tomorrow , there will be 12 of us , and there is not enough room in any room in my house for that many at one table, so the kitchen and sun room are both set up for 6 in each room, and since they are right next to each other it is still close enough to carry on conversation .
Do you like the little Turkey doll I made years ago ? He is on the kitchen table.
I found some dish toweling fabric by the yard at a store in town the other day, all I had to do was hem the ends to make this table runner for the sun room .
Bring on the turkey ! Bring on the dressing and the pumpkin pie !
Bring on the Birthday cake ! That's right , tomorrow is my daughter's birthday , so we are celebrating that too .
I am so grateful for the blessings that God has given me .
I am so blessed !
Wishing you the best Thanksgiving ! And praying God will bless you too !
Have a wonderful weekend !
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reopening my Etsy Shop

Today I reopened my etsy shop .
It really was never closed , but it didn’t have anything in it for a few weeks so same difference.
These are the things I put in there …
I hope to be adding some more in the next few days.
But tomorrow Sis and I are taking a day for ourselves and going up to Ozark and Springfield for some shopping at a few of our favorite places, Antique Malls and Leola’s.
Can’t wait ! So looking forward to it !
Hope you are having a wonderful day !
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Debra featured my Christmas pillows ! So cool ! Thanks Debra !

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thinking About Christmas Decorating

I made two new throw pillows yesterday with a Christmas theme in mind . I’m planning to take them to a Holiday Church Bazaar this weekend. But if they don’t sell they are coming back home with me.
I like the way they look in these chairs by the fireplace . Soon I will be working on decorating the mantel for Christmas.
If they sell , well I guess I will just have to make a couple more for me !
Have a great weekend !
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