Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vintage Lawn Chairs

I know what you’re thinking ! What’s come over Sharon ? Blog posts two days in a row ?
I just couldn’t wait to show you the chairs I found yesterday at a flea market .
I have been looking for some of these for quite awhile .

I love these vintage metal chairs ! As you can see they are a yucky hunter green color . But it looks like at one time they were a lighter green.


I am in the process of sanding down the chippy spots so I can paint them . I think I will paint them the color of my shutters .


I was thinking maybe pink like the door , but I think the green will cover better with the lighter green . What do you think ?
Then maybe I will paint the wooden glider pink…
I’m still on the lookout for a couple more chairs like these , I have a set price that I won’t go over , and most places want an arm and a leg for them. I was glad I was able to talk the man down to my price on these .
We are having a beautiful day today . Sunny and warm and windy . We are suppose to have warm weather all week , but they are calling for rain too .
April showers bring May flowers !
Have a great week !

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ladder Back Love

Again it’s been awhile since I last posted . I have been busy trying to keep our booth at Lovejoy’s filled .
The other day I found a couple of ladder back chairs with really tall backs . you can see them here in the picture where I am working on a new coffee table . I bought the table to take to the booth , but ended up liking it better than the one I had so switched them out and took the one I had been using to the booth .

The before of the ladder back .


The finished coffee table…


I am almost ready to put the white slipcover back on my sofa for spring and summer . the corduroy like upholstery on  this sofa is so soft and cozy in the winter .
Anyway , here are the finished ladder back chairs …


They look really cute in my kitchen . But they are not staying there . I have to take something to the booth !


Aren’t the polka-dots fun ?
Do the ladder rungs look like mustaches to you ? Or is it just me ? 
Hope you are having a great weekend !

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