Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Pillow

I'm still playing with the rufflier ! I made a new throw pillow for my bed using some of the vintage white table cloth and some left over fabric from the bed skirt I didn't use with my comforter. And with a transfer I made with a graphic I found from the Graphics Fairy . Look how well it matches the blue fabric ! The Back . If this pillow doesn't look to smooth , it's because I didn't have a pillow form , I just rolled up some old quilt batting and stuffed it in there , so it's a little lumpy. And while I was ironing on transfers I added another Graphics Fairy graphic to the tote I made Tuesday. I think this will make a nice gift for my friend I'm going to visit next week. Have a great week end !

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ruffled White Tote

Last week one day while troling my mega list of blogs that I follow, I ran across one that was talking about getting a ruffler for her sewing machine that she ordered from her sister's store that sold sewing machine parts and vacumn parts. Now I can't remember who that was to save my life , I'm sorry ! I even looked back through the blogs to try to find it , but I couldn't.

Anyway it got me thinking that it sure would be a lot easier to make a ruffle with one of those gadgets , so I got on line to see if I could find one to fit my machine , and yep, sure enough I found one from a site called . It came today ! This is it !Look what it does ! It will also make pleats , but I haven't tried that yet. I made this bag from a resturant table cloth I found for a dollar at a local flea market.
I already washed it , because I got some shmutz on it from the machine while I was sewing it.
I put a gause rosette I made on it, the rosette has a pin so it can be removed.

It took me about an hour to make it once I learned how to make the ruffles.

I'm seeing a lot of ruffles in my futuure !

Go on over and take a look !

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sweatshop- Studio Sunday

Happy Sunday !

I'm doing something I said I wasn't going to do .

But what the heck , why not ?

This is the place I spend most of my day in . That's why I call it my sweatshop.

As you head down my gallery hall to the first door on the right , this is what you see.

I know ... It is jam packed with stuff. ( Does this look like an episode of The Hoarders ?)

The Beatles picture above the window was a gift from my son . He remembered me telling him I was a loyal follower back in the late sixties. I love it !

To the right of the door is this area , there are tools here , hammers , screwdrivers , drimmels, wood and metal things on which to paint. and a small desk. close up of such stuff ... Turn just a little and you will find my computer area , where Wannabe Cottage hits the air , and also where I find a lot of inspiration. ( I also pay a lot of bills here .) Next to the computer area is a nook where I keep ribbon , more crafty stuff , and cutter quilts for crafts and dolls.
This is my work table where all kinds of projects happen ,sometimes three or four at a time.
Current dolls being born , this is how it starts .
Above that table in those red and white boxes are patterns I have collected ,and above that a smidgen of the fabric I have.
There is lace and trim there as well as any color thread you might want.
Sewing area and cone threads, the two colors I use the most on the antique thread caddy.
What little bit of wall space I have is covered with pictures of the folks who inspired me in life. My parents in their younger days.

Above the clock is a picture of my late husband's parents on their wedding day., way back in the twenties .
You have to have furry stuff for the critters , and craft paint and brushes for who knows what, and of course the trusty glue gun , and electric pencil sharpener.
More fabric , bins of yarn for doll hair.
Standing by the sewing machine looking back towards the door , you can get a feel for how small the room is. Behind the door in those three storage cabinets is... You guessed it ! More fabric.
There you have it ... My studio , office, workroom, SWEATSHOP !

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A RE-purposed Life .
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random Whites

Today I found a couple items in my work room that I thought could use a redo, a little gold painted basket and a wood candle stick. Kinda sorry looking aren't they ?Here I have given them a coat of white spray paint , looking better already !
While they were drying I decided to take a walk around the yard and see if I could find some more white to photograph.
In a clump of trees near the road there is a small wild Plum tree , They have the sweetest smelling white blooms , and the bees love them.

Across the street my neighbors have planted some Bradford Pear trees along their drive . They started blooming this last weekend.

I love the cone shape of them , and they grow pretty fast too.
I think I am going to get one for my front yard so it can shade the sunny end of the porch.
Then I can look forward to it's early spring blooms every year .

Here we go , finished product !
Together it looks like a compote .

I took both these pictures with no flash , just different lights on in the room .
It is also late in the day , so there is not much natural light.

Hope you like my random whites and the walk around the yard.
I do believe spring has finally sprung.
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Precious Pink Periodicals

Well there is a little pink in these !
I found these old Needlecraft periodicals at a antique mall somewhere out east 2 years ago on vacation, there were a whole stack of them , I would have bought more but they were $5 each.
I was fascinated by the graphics and the adds from the Twenties. So I picked out two that I liked the covers on.
Look at these ! Aren't they cool ?This outfit and hairstyle would look good today !
And this little girl in her bonnet and collar is so sweet.

Here are some of the adds on the backs and inside. Enjoy !
Double click on them to see better.

There is a little water damage to them but otherwise they are in good shape.
The books are 10 and a half inches by 13 inches, so they are quite big.
I would like to do something with them for display, but can't quite figure out what.
Do you have any ideas ?

I'm linking with Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

White Bunnies

I don't usually do much decorating for Easter . Because I had a little party last Sunday that was Easter themed , I created a vignette on the table in the living room .
Because it is mostly white I thought I would share it with you for White Wednesday.This woven vine bunny wasn't always white , he started out natural vine colored , But I thought he would look better white . I keep him out all year , but in honor of Easter he is sporting a pastel striped bow tie.
Bunnies , eggs , Easter candy , and tulips put together in white and luscious pastels.
I think it says Easter.

Mmmm ! Can't keep my hands out of this ...

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