Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Cottage Livingroom

Welcome ! This is what you see when you enter my home, from the front door you see all the way into the kitchen and beyond to the sun room.This little bench is sometimes a coffee table , but right now it just holds magazines behind the sofa , I keep a few of my favorites there.
When you are standing behind the sofa you see the whole room , it's a cozy little room , but with the fire place and the TV placement there are not a lot of ways to arrange it. Switching the sofa and chairs around is about all you can do .
One of these days I want to get different chairs in there , but it is as close now to my vision as it has ever been.

As you can see I tried turning my books around to get a little less busy look. I like it !
I could probably do with less nicknacks , but I can't seem to part with them.

This is what my sofa looks like most of the time , covers over the slipcovers . you can see why , Bubba thinks it is his sofa !

A few of my cup and saucer collection , none of them worth anything , I just like the ones that look like flowers , or are covered in them.

I found these Hollyhock prints at a local flea market for 3 dollars each . They had black frames , I painted them green first , then decided white would be better.

Don't you love the softness of them ?

I have also been picking up these pink and green doilies when ever I find them.
They so remind me of my grandmother.

This is the way I have decorated my mantel for spring , although I'm thinking it might look better without the little mirrors.
I have this problem of thinking more is better.
I can see I'm not always right about that.
I painted the rose picture , looks pretty good from a distance, just don't look to close.

Well, that's it , This is where I spend most of my time when I'm not in my "sweatshop", that's what I call my work room.
That's a room you won't see , unless a major overhaul happens.
Thanks for visiting !
Please come back again !
I'm linking to all the wonderful Whiteness over at Fadded Charm , go over and take a look.

Happy White Wednesday !


  1. Oh, it is all soooo gorgeous!!! And it is so perfect for White Wednesday...simply glorious!

    How have you been? Good, I hope!!!

  2. So pretty! I love the hollyhocks prints and can't imagine a black frame around them. Love that long window above the mantle, too.

    Boy, can I identify with the limited arrangement choices. My house has bowling alley rooms. Long and narrow. And with the windows, doors (seems like every room has at least 3 doors), and fireplaces, there is one arrangement and only one. There is no changing around. And most of the rooms are filled with seating. Very frustrating.

  3. I love the openess of your home and the fact you can see all the way through to the sunroom, the bench is adorable!

  4. Everything looks just lovely!

  5. Everything is so beautiful! I saw this linked over at Faded Charm Cottage.

  6. Looks wonderful! So serene. You've done a lovely job of making your home beautiful and comfortable.

  7. Isn't it great to walk into your house & love it? Your house is wonderful. Jan

  8. Hi, I'm visiting from Brenda's Welcome Wagon! Your home is so lovely, and I especially like that narrow window over your fireplace mantle. Gorgeous!

  9. Love you decorating style. Lovely rose painting. I like the old chenille bedspread you are using on your sofa. Your little doggie looks happy on it. I'm visiting from Brenda's Welcome Wagon at Cozy Little House. Have a great day.

  10. I'm visiting from Brenda's Welcome Wagon and sure enjoyed your home. Don & I live in a Park Model in Florida (winter) and NC(summer) so I understand the square footage problem. You have a very cozy place. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Sharon! Visitng from Welcome Wagon. Love your living room. It looks so inviting! I like your idea of turning your books around. Never thought of that before.

  12. Just came over from Brenda's Welcome Wagon ~ LOVE your blog ~ I am your newest follower and I will be back to visit again soon ;-)

  13. Hi,
    I came over from Brenda's "Welcome Wagon"....I just love your home!!!! So bright and sunny, and I love that you can see right thru to the back of the house! It feels sooo open! I just got a gret idea from you, I am going to look for a light color vintage beadspread as a cover to my couch! I have a dog that is back on top and white on the bottom, and she make a mess of my couch, it is sage green courderoy...yup, neve do that again!!!! :) Love your blgo! I will be back....Sandy

  14. What a darling home you have! It looks so cozy and welcoming!!! And one can NEVER have too many nicknacks in my book:)