Monday, March 14, 2011

Porch News

I just read where Gypsy Brocante is changing her Porch club to a once a month event where she will feature some one's porch and we will all join the party with pictures of our own.
Great idea Jill ! I do so love porches !
Speaking of which , if you saw my post Saturday you saw where I bought this sweet little washtub at Leola's. While your looking at this picture , look at the front door.
I am thinking of painting it. I'll talk about the color in a minute.
I have talked about painting the porch floor and shutters , I am thinking the normal porch grey for the floor and maybe a lighter grey for the shutters
Not sure about the chairs , I am going to look into that paint that paints plastics and maybe I will paint them grey too.
THEN ... maybe I can paint my front door this color !

Now if you go back and look at my door you will see it is a mostly glass door, there will not be as much pink as you see on this door. but picture pink floral pillows thrown on all the chairs and a slipcover on the swing.

Pink geraniums and petunias in the washtub, Boston ferns hanging between the posts...

Oh my imagination has it looking so pretty !

Linking up with the last Monday Porch Club this Month, the next Porch Club will be April 1st and then the first of the month from then on.

I added a playlist , just a few of my favorite songs form long ago, if you don't like them feel free to turn it off.

Some of them I like because they have a good beat and you can dance to them.

Some of my fellow oldies will get that, some others won't .


  1. I love that pink door!! I have that picture ready for Pink Saturday!! Not sure when I will use it But adore it... I love your porch you always have the best pictures and your sweet pup always likes to get in on the action!! ; )

    Have a great week

  2. I love the pink door too! Of course I painted an entire house that color, so I may be biased. Love the old washtub too. Won't it be pretty filled with flowers?

  3. I love that old tub! I have always loved porches and porch swings...I have a front porch and a back porch and both have swings and rockers! lol..I love changing paint colors on the shutters and the porch a whole new feel....have a great week sweetie and enjoy your porch....Picket

  4. Sister washtubs! Except I think you're old girl is older than mine. Or at least has a little more rusty character. Shoot. Now I've got to get one for outdoors!

  5. Great washtub!! I'd love to find one on a stand like that.

    A pink front door? Go for it! It will make you so happy every time you look at it.

  6. Hi Sharon ... I'm running a day or two behind this week ; (

    LOVE ... LOVE ... LOVE... the washtub, it's just the sweetest addition to the porch! Great find girlfriend!

    I've used the plastic paints before ... they do work and look great ... for a while ... then they do tend to wear off on on more heavily used items. NOT cheap either ... you may spend more $$ in paint than replacing the chairs!

    Can't wait to see what you do ....