Saturday, March 19, 2011

Precious Pink Periodicals

Well there is a little pink in these !
I found these old Needlecraft periodicals at a antique mall somewhere out east 2 years ago on vacation, there were a whole stack of them , I would have bought more but they were $5 each.
I was fascinated by the graphics and the adds from the Twenties. So I picked out two that I liked the covers on.
Look at these ! Aren't they cool ?This outfit and hairstyle would look good today !
And this little girl in her bonnet and collar is so sweet.

Here are some of the adds on the backs and inside. Enjoy !
Double click on them to see better.

There is a little water damage to them but otherwise they are in good shape.
The books are 10 and a half inches by 13 inches, so they are quite big.
I would like to do something with them for display, but can't quite figure out what.
Do you have any ideas ?

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  1. Oh I've had some Needlecraft magazines over the years. I think they're great. wonderful graphics. If you want to keep them whole - not sure I have any ideas for you. But if you're willing to separate the pages - they could be used as shelf paper, decoupage on furniture, can be framed - just about any paper craft.

  2. Great collection!
    Happy pink saturday!

  3. Those are precious! Have fun with them and Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. Well hello Sharon from AR. I love these. I have some vintage magazines from the early 20s I've been meaning to share for a long time now. (sigh) so thanks for taking the time. I really enjoy anything about sewing, etc, old patterns from days gone by. So we are almost neighbors as I am down here in Louisiana. I have often been to Fayetteville up the old pig trail and lived in Blytheville for a short while as a very little girl, born in Memphis. Beautiful area you live in. Terri

  5. Love those graphics. The little baby bum is so cute! No ideas here but I'll let it ruminate and see if something comes into this addled brain, LOL!

  6. I am very drawn to vintage and antique books and magazines. I just love them. These are wonderful. Isn't it just amazing the detail in the drawings?

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. These vintage magazines are keepers for sure.
    Joyce M