Friday, March 30, 2012

All the Shutters

After the last post where I showed you the shutters around the door I decided I needed to get on the ball and paint the rest of the shutters. ( Looked a little strange with light green around the door and dark green around the windows. )

So here is how it looks…

(Looks a little like and Easter egg !)


Here is the before…


I really like the light green better , and now the door stands out better too .


There is really nothing masculine about this house is there ?

I kinda says “ this girl is doing her own thing . “

Since I’m the only one I have to please , I guess that’s alright .

I love it !


I have to show you something funny.

I mowed the front yard yesterday , Where Bubba goes out to run. This is how he came back in…


Isn’t he a pretty shade of green ?


Doesn’t seem to bother him ! He thought it was a lot of fun rolling in the newly cut grass . Oh well it’s better than a lot of things he could have rolled in . Ha


Hope ya’ll have a great weekend !

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where Have I Been !

Well it has been awhile since I last posted .

Last week was spring break at our schools , The daycare that this fellow goes to was also closed .


Sorry about the blur , he is a moving target . Nana got to spend every day but one with him last week .


He loves to watch Sesame St. and fusses when you turn it off , therefore I have several episodes recorded .


He and Bubba like to play together .

Sunday I got to watch this one while Mom and Dad took a few hours to get away .


Got to spend time and love them grandbabies .

It is spring here for sure now , everything is blooming and the grass is knee high .

The side of my cottage and the Red Bud blooming there…


Wild plum …




And whatever this is in the grass …


I almost hate to mow it , it is so pretty.

I did a little switch up in the living room.


Decided to try the farm table in there for a change . I think I like it .

I painted some shutters I found in the garage.


This color is really more of a sage green than it looks here .


I wanted something that would look good with my pink door…


I liked it ! So I hung them.


Now I have to paint the rest of the shutters that color , I think I will love it.

I can’t wait to get some real flowers in that wash tub.

Well that’s it , that’s all I’ve been doing ‘

What have you been up to ?


Bubba says “ bye “.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Enter Spring

With everything starting to bloom early outside this year . It was time to make some changes to my entryway and mantel . It is still a work in progress as I will want to add some real blooms and things as the season progresses .

I pulled together some things that make me think spring and arranged them on the table I have in the entry right now.


Bunnies , birds , nest, watering can, blooms. Yep ! That all says SPRING .




On the mantel I added some clock faces that I have been playing around with.

These were plywood disks that were used to support my my son and daughter-in-laws wedding cake 3 years ago. Yes ! I hang onto everything . You never know when it might come in handy. I think if I can find some large clock works they will actually make neat clocks. It was fun playing with them anyway.



I found these little boots at a thrift store , I’m going to drill some holes in the bottom and plant flowers in them for my porch. Who can resist the Pretty Little Kitty.


The first official day of spring is next Tuesday , but it is spring here already !

Have a great weekend !

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Another Chair ?

That’s right ! I just redid another chair . I’m on a roll here .

My sister came over on her way to take some things to the thrift shop in town . She wanted to show me this chair before she gave it away , just in case I wanted it . Really ? Of course I wanted it .

And of course I started taking it apart before I took the before picture.


It was a pretty chair the way it was , just needed a little repair on one of the arms . I had already covered the seat by the time I took the picture , like I said it was nice before , but just didn’t fit in with my stuff .

Coat of white paint …

Looking more like my kind of chair.


I decided to add a little color to this one . Here it is finished.


I love the touch of pink and green !


Now she fits in with the rest of the girls in my girly cottage living room .

I used left over paint , fabric I had on hand , and the chair was free .

Cost of project $0.00 .

Winning !

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Signs of Spring

We have had some incredibly warm weather around here , spring is starting early for us .

Today is in the 60s but there is a brisk cool wind , the sun is shining bright and I couldn’t resist taking a little walk with Bubba and taking some pictures.


He is straining at his leash , he wants to cross the road and christen those beautiful Bradford pear trees. Sorry Bubba ! No can do.


Aren’t they pretty ?


There are these tiny violet flowers coming up all through the yard .


Then there is the Forsythia that is starting to bloom everywhere..


Here in the south we call them Yellow Bells .


In my sister’s front flower bed we found the Daffodils were in full bloom .



Just look how the sun is shining through them !


Yesterday I was thinking about the past , it was four years yesterday that I lost my husband , there were some tears , and some grieving . But it wasn’t as bad as it has been . I’m beginning to see the spring , the new beginning , to let the sun in and face the new future . I miss him ! But I have learned to live on my own and take care of myself , and that is a good feeling .


Welcome Spring !

I hope you all have a little spring in your world too !