Friday, March 30, 2012

All the Shutters

After the last post where I showed you the shutters around the door I decided I needed to get on the ball and paint the rest of the shutters. ( Looked a little strange with light green around the door and dark green around the windows. )

So here is how it looks…

(Looks a little like and Easter egg !)


Here is the before…


I really like the light green better , and now the door stands out better too .


There is really nothing masculine about this house is there ?

I kinda says “ this girl is doing her own thing . “

Since I’m the only one I have to please , I guess that’s alright .

I love it !


I have to show you something funny.

I mowed the front yard yesterday , Where Bubba goes out to run. This is how he came back in…


Isn’t he a pretty shade of green ?


Doesn’t seem to bother him ! He thought it was a lot of fun rolling in the newly cut grass . Oh well it’s better than a lot of things he could have rolled in . Ha


Hope ya’ll have a great weekend !

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  1. Your house looks lovely. Love the shutter color! You should have cut the grass on St Patricks day--would have been perfect for your little doggy!

  2. The dog kind of matches the shutters & they both look great. Jan

  3. I love the new look with the soft green shutters! I think it's great that it says you're doing you own thing...I love that!

    Hmmm, I was thinking that Bubba matches the new shutters! LOL

  4. Your cottage is lovely! It should be just like you want it. More power to you! I hope Bubba comes clean lol!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. You done GOOD girl!!!!I love It! It is so fresh & clean looking! I bet you love driving in & admiring you sweet cozy home! I know I would :)