Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Other Interest

Ok , so you may have heard me mention in some of my older posts that I do portraiture. I love all kinds of art, and have tried most of it at one time or another, including decorating , which I am still trying.

But drawing and painting people in their daily lives is what I love to do best, I have done it since I was in High School , I didn't go to collage to learn it , although I did take some private lessons where I learned to use color, the rest is just something I could always do , a God given gift...

So I thought I would share it with you .

This is my Gallery ! ( well actually just my hall .) And some of my many paintings.

The second one below is a self portrait , I was in my 30's .

As you can see these paintings and drawing span 3 decades. This is a close up of a black and white oil called Bedtime Story. My daughter Mandy and my son Nick when they were little. When I started art classes the teacher made us do 2 value study paintings before she would let us do color , nearly drove me crazy. This was the first one. This was the second , a brown and white oil of my Husband , He loved this painting , called it his Bad Bart picture. Wasn't he handsome ? This is my daughter at 13 , mid 80's , notice the mullet hairstyle ? But look at those beautiful blue eyes !
This is a close up of a much bigger painting of my son at age 6 , called

Gone Fishing
Another of my daughter at 16 , she was a great model, if I told her to dress a certain way she would.

In this one I wanted it to look like something from the past. I think the bangs are the only thing that give it away.
A closer look.
This is my mothers stepfather , but for my whole life he was my grandfather,

we called him Papa Jim , and that is the name of the painting.
Mandy and Nick in their High school years , Mandy 18 and Nick 16
She was a band nerd ( that's what she called herself ) she also played a baratone horn.
And he wanted to be a rock star , notice the Jimmy Hendrex tee shirt and

the flannel shirt that was his uniform , not to menton the long hair.

After the two paintings above I didn't paint anything for about 10 years , I don't really know why, life was just to busy for some reason, I did do a couple of commision pieces after that, but no family portraits , other than drawings.

Then last year I started painting again , another way to keep grief from taking over , and it works to stay busy doing things you love .

Speaking of things I love , here are two more. My two oldest grandchildren Bane and Robbyn

I do commision paintings and can be reached at my email address Hope you enjoyed my show and tell !


  1. I am at a loss for words right now....but I did want you to know that I have been visiting. I am always in awe of someone with this great a gift. Just amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks Karen , You are so sweet !

  3. Ok, It's just me again....still so amazed...the way you have captured *light*!! And your children are beautiful!!! I wish I had this gift. I have just a teeny smidge, minute really. It has always been more of a longing to be able to create with paints and pencils....I have a consolation tho...I believe there has to be those who create and those (me) who admires and enjoys those creations. thank you again....just couldn't resist commenting again;)
    Hope you have a blessed weekend.

  4. Hi Sharon,
    Your paintings are positively breathtaking! Wow!! And yes, your husband was so handsome...I bet he loved that painting...You know what came to mind when I saw the girl on the swing? The song, "Paint me a Birmingham." I love that song....

    Your style is gorgeous, original, and truly "you!" with such flair!

  5. Hi Sharon, Now that is a great show and tell!! Wow you have an amazing talent!! What a family treasure you are:-)) The love shows through in your work, your husbands portrait is striking!!

  6. Oh my gosh , Thanks girls !
    You made my day !

  7. Hi Sharon,
    I'm so glad to know this about you! You are such a talented artist and your work looks life like and beautiful! How precious that you are able to capture such beauty with a stroke of a paintbrush. Just love your work.


  8. Holy cow, you are soooooo talented!
    Wow, what a gift you possess.

  9. My goodness! You are Sooooo talented. Your painting are amazing!

  10. WOW! WOW! WOW! I would love to have you paint my daughter. Too bad I couldn't swap you a kitchen. Love your site.

  11. Sharon, I just viewed your artwork, and it is fantastic. What a blessing to capture you family and loved ones in periods of their lives. Your story is very touching and inspiring. I fell like I KNOW you!

    I am an artist too, and have not been painting for 10 yrs also. I was in full swing in KY and painted all my life, juried, museum shows, galleries, commissions, the whole 9. Then we moved to TN and my hubby started new vet practice here; I was thrown into setting up and maintaining the office and books. I completely gave up all art because it was too frustrating to start something, get paint mixed and have to drop it all to run vet errands. Now I am at a crossroads, I can paint again, and can't get in it! That blank canvas thing! I feel like I will need to start all over learning techniques! Ugh! So, I am spending my creative juices making jewelry. Not a problem, and easy to stop and start on a dime. Always wanted to do some, like cast silver, etc. and working on learning that, but always "see" paintings wherever we go. It is just inside you! Thanks for sharing your story. It is very inspiring, and maybe I can pick up the brush again and not feel intimidated by it. Blessings to you. Carrell

  12. oh my. I cannot find a word to describe how I feel. I look at your pictures and am just in awe. God gave you a great gift, my dear. I thank you for sharing. and you have to be the gal that I bought the white purse from!! you make them from church table cloths, right?? that is just my very favorite purse!!! soon, I hope ... I will be able to get my site, deeslittlepinkie, up and running. I cannot get the hang of it!!! but I am trying~! in the meantime ...
    Pink Hugs,

  13. Sharon, I had seen your pix before on your site and was "blown away" by them. Love them all! What a God Given talent! How could you pick a favorite? Each one is sooo good! Bad Bart is so handsome ... your children so adorable. Love "Gone Fishin'". Papa Jim - priceless! God has blessed you, Dear One!
    Pink Hugs,

  14. Absolutely gorgeous Sharon! To be able to capture such expressions and individuality is amazing. You are very gifted. I adore Gone Fishing. :)

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