Saturday, November 20, 2010

K-Mart Dishes

Look what I found at K-Mart , the cutest red and white dishes, I have been looking for some since I repainted my kitchen. And they were on sale !
Don't you just love the rooster on the salad plate ?I figure I can buy a Christmas salad plate and change the whole look for
the holidays .

Look at this cute little bowl , it has four differant toile designs around it.

They are not formal , but then we are not a formal family, we are all very laid back country folks.
So these are perfect.
Also got a cute red serving bowl , just right for the mashed potatos.
Look at those roosters marching around the edge.

And last the toile like table cloth with the red print ruffle trim.
I'm having a birthday dinner for my daughter tomorrow.
It will be a chearful pretty table.

Ya'll have a great weekend !


  1. Oh terrific! I have long admired those same dishes @ Kmart....I love RED and ROOSTERS!!! Oh, and TOILE (specially with ruffled edges)!!! You will have a perfectly beautiful table setting for any occasion! I am soooo excited for you!
    Isn't it funny how as we get older we are able to feel much more happiness in the good fortune of others?
    I hope that you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  2. Soooo pretty! I, too, have admired that set! It really DOES make for a cHeErFuL looking table!

    Have a lovely Sunday (and birthday dinner!)

  3. I love the dishes and the designs on the bowls are so lovely! I need to go to K-Mart more often!!


  4. Hi Sharon!
    I just love your red toile dishes. They certainly make a festive table. I'll be over for dinner, so keep the kettle on!!


  5. Those are so pretty! I work for Sears Holdings and I may head over to my local K-Mart to see if they have those here. K-Mart recently teamed up with Country Living and they have some really nice things to offer.

  6. Your rooster plates look great. I'm glad you bought the whole collection. I had it ALL in my cart but put it back except for the roosters. I'm wising now that I had at least bought that tablecloth! It will be wonderful at Christmas!

  7. I love those dishes--how cute are they!! I also love your blog and became a follower. My sister and I also do local flea markets, she is not only my sister but my best friend. Take care, Jeanette