Friday, November 26, 2010

Time to trim the tree

As I mentioned before , with two dogs and a baby crawling around the house this year I thought it might be smart to get a smaller tree and set it up out of reach on a table.
This is the tree , kinda looks like Charlie Brown's scraggly little tree doesn't it ?All it really needs is some love and a big fluffy topper made with yards of Dollar store ribbon.
Tuck the ribbon all around and add some dried hydrangea . I spray painted some of the hydrangeas with pink and white to add more color.

I added a few of the cones I made.
I made five of them and only used three of them on he tree, just wasn't room for more.

Stuck in a birds nest.
There is a Swedish legend that states that if you find a birds nest in your Christmas tree , you'll have a year of health , wealth and happiness. I'm not Swedish ' but I like the sound of that !

Then I hung some wispy snow flakes and icicles.

And wraped some toile around the bottom to hide
the skinny little stem.
There all done !
Now all it needs is some gifts under it.

And a visit from Santa !
Happy Shopping !


  1. Amazing and beautiful transformation!
    Do you have a tutorial for those gorgeous cones?

  2. Gosh Sharon, who needs a giant size tree when you have created one absolutely spectacular!!
    I just love it. The birds nest, the cones, the it all.


  3. This turned out amazing! I love the hydrangeas and the cones. Your topper is beautiful! Thank you for adding my button to your blog. So sweet.

  4. Hi sharon, thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi! your tree is adorable. Just for your info , I can't paint people but I can do roses! funny thing isn't it? Happy holidays to you and your family,Christie

  5. Simply beautiful, love the all shades of white theme