Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY Feather Tree

I made these feather trees yesterday , I didn’t take pictures as I went along , but it was so easy , and I will tell you how to do it .


I bought two 14” Sty-ro-foam cones , but you could use any card board or paper cone shape, I covered my cones with paper so the hot glue wouldn’t melt the sty-ro-foam. I got two 60% off feather boas at JoAnn’s Saturday.
All you do is start at the bottom of your cone and glue and wrap the boa in a spiral , add a little hot glue, wrap, add a little more and wrap some more till you get to the top. I painted a couple of candle holders silver and glued a cardboard disk to it then glued the cone to it, then I added a dollar store silver ornament to the top. I should have  used taller candle sticks because I ended up putting them on boxes to make them taller , but I used what I had.


I had one taller candle stick , so I glued this folded book page tree to it, I gave it a little spritz of silver paint too.

I love how the feather trees came out and it was so simple !
I’m liking how the mantel is coming along too.
What do you think ? Are you going to try it ?

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  1. Love those feather trees! I got some beautiful boas at Goodwill for 1.99 each--so I will have to try this!

  2. My daughter will love these....she loves a little retro. Your mantle looks wonderful. Didn't you tell me before what program you use for your header. Don't know why I have so much trouble. I promise if you give me the info again, I'll save it. Happy decorating! Jan

  3. What a wonderful idea! I would have never thought of using feather boas for the trees. They look fabulous!

  4. Love the feather trees and the book pge one too.

  5. Love the colors and those feather trees are gorgeous!

  6. Love the wintery white and silver, super pretty.