Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Garage Sale Treasures

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last posted …
Time flies when your having fun , I’ve had company . My friend and her husband stopped by for a few days . The ones I traveled with last year in the RV .
They park their RV in my front drive so I have neighbors for awhile. We have so much fun , wish they could have stayed longer !
Look what they brought me …
Most of these boxes are silverware boxes , the big one in the second picture is full of flatware , service for 12 ! She bought them all at garage sales and estate sales in Arizona , where they live. Now all I have to do is make something cool out of them . They make great jewelry and keepsake boxes . She said she got them all for under $20.00 . She is a good bargain hunter .
I went treasure hunting last Saturday , this is what I found …
White queen size Battenberg lace duvet cover…
Pillow shams…
3 sets of curtain panels with valances…
And a round table cloth , all for $8.00 !
I couldn’t believe it ! It is in very good shape with no stains or spots . This is my guest room I have them in.  Do you see the color on the wall ? It is a pale yellow green . I am not loving it !
I want something that shows the white off better.
I’m thinking something in the third or forth chip down , but I can’t decide what color I like the best . I was first thinking pink , but now I’m thinking something a little more fresh an tropical . What do you think ? I need help here !
These are all colors from Wal-Mart , I haven’t had a chance to go anywhere else yet . So if you can recommend a good color let me know .
Calm Misty Sea , Bahamas Underwater Green , Breezy Summer House . Names that make my imagination run wild .
So good to be back here ! I’ve missed you !
Joining the White Wednesday Party over at Faded Charm .


  1. Love your color chips:) The color I am painting my sunroom is Harborside Lane--I think that's what it is called. I got it at Ace. I love it. Your garage sale finds are great!

  2. What a huge score you made on all the bedding & linens! They're beautiful!

  3. Hi Sharon! I am SO SO jealous of your find, I LOVE Battenburg! I would go with Spring Oasis, or maybe Seaglass? Soft Grays seem to make white pop...and then you can layer ANY other color in the room without a clash! Beautiful post!


  4. Breezy Summer House!

  5. Breezy Summer House!