Saturday, April 23, 2011

Something Simple

Thursday my friend Billie and I decided to take a day and go treasure hunting .

We headed west toward Eureka Springs , Arkansas.

We stopped at several thrift shops and antiques stores. But my main objective was this store...

Something Simple

Found at 107 E. Van Buren , in Eureka Springs.

It is a cottage lovers delight.
If you look close you can see the owner Kaylene Shepard in the background of this picture.
She is a sweet talented tiny woman , with glasses perched on the tip of her nose most of the time.
Just look at these pictures and enjoy !

Just look at the rolled up book pages on this door !

She carries a lot of soy based products.

And a lot of things she hand crafts herself.

Some antiques , and a lot of re-purposed things.

I like the idea of gluing book pages to this door, gives me an idea of what to do with that door I didn't use for a table top.

And don't you just love that little flower shaped chandy ?

There is an upstairs too !

Isn't this a delightful room ?

I love that wagon painted black !

Now here is an idea I am definitely going to borrow !!

I found 12 lace napkins there for $12.95
I hope if you ever get to Eureka Springs you will stop by

Something Simple

Here are the rest of the treasures I found .

Twelve dove grey napkins for $6. four dark green and two cream damask napkins , two quilted pillow shams , and two Jadite kitchen accessories.

And since it was the day before my birthday I considered them a gift to myself.

All in all a fun filled wonderful day in my book !

Another picture of my stash.

Have a wonderful Easter !

Enjoy time with your family !
And remember God's sacrifice !


  1. Wooow, what a dreamy and gorgeous shop! You found some lovely treasures:) Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. I love Something Simple. She's so creative. Hope you're not getting these storms today -- where's the sunshine. Have a happy Easter. Jan

  3. Ilove Eureka Springs. I don't remember ever visiting that shop. I'll have to make a note of it so I don't miss it next time. So many clever ideas. Love what she did on the stairs.
    Oh.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Sharon! I love those stairs!

  5. Hi Sharon! you have visited my favorite city EVER!!! as a matter of fact, we are seriously thinking of retiring there or close to the area. I can't get enough of it! and I'm so glad to see that Simple Pleasure is still in business; I was afraid they would close like so many other shops! you are so right, that shop is fantastic! I wonder if she would adopt me! and before I forget (I should have posted this first) you have a lovely blog and it's one of the first ones I open in the morning! keep up the wonderful work! maybe I'll see you in Eureka Springs one day!! Rae

  6. oh dear...I am such a dork! I said the wrong name of the shop! there is another one by that name (but not in ES)! so sorry; trust me, I do know that shop! and by the way...Happy Birthday!! Rae

  7. Oh gosh, how amazing, Sharon!!! What a gorgeous store! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a fabulous day!!!