Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pantry Redo ( Or Should I Say Finish ? )

Do you see these unfinished shelves in this pantry ?


When this pantry was built ( 7 or 8 years ago ) stuff just got stored in it before I ever got a chance to paint the shelves .

So yesterday I decided that since today was garbage day I would clean it out and get rid of anything that had an expired date on it . And I swear I found some oatmeal and some grits that had been in there since the beginning of time .

While it was so clean I figured it was time to put a coat of paint on those poor naked shelves .


And if you will look back at that first picture you will see a stack of cook books on top of that small cabinet on the side. That has been bugging me for a long time too .

I added some cute red check shelf paper and reloaded this baby .


The cook books now have a home inside and out of sight when the door is closed .


That leaves a little space on top of the little phone cabinet to decorate , and room for the phone books and a pad of paper and a place to put my postage stamps and such stuff .

You can tell by the few things in this pantry . that I am the only one that lives in this house . I suppose I could put Bubba’s food on the bottom shelf now , instead of in the laundry room . I will have to find some pretty red container to keep it in so he can’t get into it when the door is open .

There is such a nice feeling of accomplishment when you finish something that needed to be done .

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  1. Amazing what a little paint and organization can do, isn't it? Your pantry looks great. Nice job, Sharon!

  2. It's funny how even the little things behind closed doors can make us feel better when finished the way we like it. Congratulations on checking somethings off the to do list.

  3. That's the same shelf liner I have in my kitchen. LOVE the red and white checks. You pantry look s awesome!

  4. Hi! Your shelf was great!!Have a nice day!

  5. I LOVE it when things get organized... good for you, it looks great! And, i love that photo of you with your red hair, looks awesome!