Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Day With Reed

I spent the long weekend working in the garden and washing down the front porch , everything is beginning to look pretty nice outside , I'll take some pictures when I'm all done.

Today I watched my grandson Reed ,He was having allergy problems, making him all congested and running a little fever so he couldn't go to daycare. So of course Nanaw had to take some pictures while he was playing,Being a Downs Syndrome child we thought he might be a little slower , but so far he is right on schedule with most everything , he will be 17 mo. in 10 days.

Look out here he comes , moving targets tend to blur !

Having fun with the drum...

Playing tug of war with Bubba...

Thinking about what to do next ...

This one is a little blurred , but I love it !

I'm tired Nanaw , can I take a nap ?

( yeah , like that would happen .)

We had fun , but I hope he feels better tomorrow !

I love this little boy so much !

But he sure can wear Nanaw out !

I'll leave you with some pictures of my Hollyhocks , they are so pretty this year .

I almost always have something white for White Wednesday at Faded Charm.

This week I don't , and she featured me from last week !

Wouldn't you know it !

I am so , so honored that chose me to feature this week !

I'm going to link this up just so she knows , and I want you all to go visit her and take a look at everyone's wonderful whites.


  1. Oh My GOODNESS, what a CUTEY-PA-TOOTY!!!! I love the picture where the drum is fully over his head..too cute..and of course the one where he is thinking of what to do next.... : )

    My Uncle has DS he unfortunately doesn't talk and is fully depeandant he is 62yrs old and is such a Sweetie... He is certainly blessed to have my Mother and Father caring for him...

    We are dealing with allergies ourselves...It has been so bad this year...Or maybe it's just me.. : )

  2. Awwww, what a precious little guy he is! He looks like a bundle of energy too.

    I don't get allergies but my oldest son does and I feel for him! Darn pollen!!

  3. Reed is the most adorable little boy. Love that cute smile! Little boys are a true joy. Congrats on being featured! I always love the whites you share.

  4. Your flowers are beautiful & your grandson is even more beautiful! What a doll!

  5. Oh, I remember taking care of an almost 2 yr. old boy -- exhausting! Reed is adorable. Love your hollyhocks. Jan

  6. He's precious and hope his allergies get better soon. They don't seem to be slowing him down much :) As a pediatric speech pathologist, I work with kids with Downs all the time (they are some of my favorites) and while almost all have some type of delays, those delays vary and some are quite capable. Early intervention is key and it looks like Reed has a lot of advantages. He's going to do well.

  7. Isn't he adorable? Looks like he might keep you busy too:-)

    Do you have another tote like the one I showed in my post? i'd be interested in buying one from you if you do.



  8. Aahhh! He is cute as a button. I am so sorry about his lousy allergies. I know the cotton wood has been flying like crazy. Hope he feels better soon.

  9. OH your little Reed is just adorable! Love your beautiful hollyhocks, too!

  10. Reed is adorable, and so glad he has his granma to depend on with his allergy day. His pictures are so cute, really capture the day! Admiring you hollyhocks too! Mine don't look so good this year. The early heat and some kind of insect have eaten all the greenery, and some not blooming at all! Never had this before, and miss seeing them in their glory. Thanks for sharing.