Friday, June 3, 2011

Random Garden Pictures

I don’t have a lot to post about this week.

I spent the week taking care of my Reed . He stayed with me all week. Turns out his allergies turned into a sinus infection, so he just didn’t feel much like socializing.

Therefore I stayed in every day with him , That’s OK cause it was very hot outside anyway. The most I did was go out in the evening and water my little gardens.

I added a new Knockout rose last week.004

and a new Hydrangea.


It’s very hot and humid , my lens on my camera was fogging up.


Look at the pink tones in the Bayberry .


I Painted the entry door to the garage pink too !


Thanks for taking this little tour around my garden.

I am working on it with no budget.


Parts of it are looking pretty good …

Other parts , not so much.

It’s a gradual thing .

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday !

Let’s go over to Beverly’s and join the party !


  1. My favorite photo posted was the Bayberry showing the pink hues. How lovely! HPS!
    Joyce M

  2. Looks Very Pretty To me ... Keep up the good work. I think I still like the hollykocks best!
    I Love Hollyhocks, Hydrangas, & Roses ! Hope your little guy starts feeling better real soon.

  3. Yes, it has been horribly hot for June! Everyone seems to be suffering from allergies too. Your garden is looking lovely. Sounds like the budget I usually have for things, zero!

  4. I have plates in my flower bed too! Love 'em. Love your pink doors too - I am probably pushing it to have plates in my flower bed, I'm pretty sure the HOA wouldn't go for a pink front door. (I'm not sure hubby would go for it either)
    Hope your little guy is feeling better soon!

  5. I just planted knock out roses too...mine are yellow. They are really small and I'm scared to death they are going to burn up in this heat. Hope they make it! Do you water yours every day?
    Stay cool...~Ann