Friday, May 27, 2011

Pink Door , Pink Saturday Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday Pink Saturday !

DO you remember this first picture ?

I showed you this awhile back and talked about how much I loved it , But wasn't sure I had enough nerve to paint my front door pink .(Gay Bumgarner Images )

Then I saw this . Oh I love this too !

Wish I had those flowering trees out front of my porch !

(Bella Rose Cottage)

Well I did it !

My door is not as impressive as those above , but boy do I love it pink !

I made a flower box for my garage window , but haven't bought the brackets to put it up yet , so I'm just letting those pink flowers keep my front door company.

I decided I needed something else pink out there so I painted my wooden step ladder pink too.

Then added what plants I already had on hand to it.

I'm gonna have to plant some pots with some brighter pinks in them.

I am real pleased with how it's coming together.

Now it just needs a few nice days strung together so I can wash down the porch , and paint the decking and rails.

The weather just won't cooperate

Hope everyone is enjoying Beverly's 3rd Pink Saturday Birthday.

Go over and take a look . She is having a giveaway !


  1. Your door looks amazing...what a wonderful welcome with your pink ladder too.

  2. I think your door looks wonderful! I love the pink & I love the pink ladder too.

  3. I think your door is fabulous and everything else is wonderful too ~ LOVE IT~! ;-)

  4. Hi Sharon,
    I love everything about your front entry. The door looks perfect and the ladder is a great idea.

    hugs and Happy Pink Saturday.


  5. On the contrary - your door is awesome. Is that the storm door that adds a little lacy effect to it? I love your choices of pink this and that (ladder, I love the ladder! Flower box, I love the flower box) Okay, post, I love the post! Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks, Jenn

  6. Love your Pink door, Happy pink Saturday and I love your Pink ladder, that looks great! Hugs and have a wonderful Memorial weekend! Marilou

  7. LOVE THE PINK TOUCHES!!! Hi, Im Meme from Screaming Meme. I want to personally invite you to my chalk paint giveaway! Hope you get a chance to stop by!


  8. I love all the changes you did in pink. They all look very nice the way you are using them.

  9. Beautiful!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. AHHHHHH!!! can I come over...and SWOON!!!! on your front porch... I AM IN LOVE....Oh my goodness I have to do this...Okay...but first I need an old farm house... : ) and a PINK tractor of course... : ) I am absolutely GIDDY...

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing these pictures...
    I see this happening in my future... : )

    Have a blessed weekend

  11. Oh it is beautiful ! I would paint mine pink but the house is pink... hmmm maybe a really dark pink ... you got me thinkin' now

  12. Hello, I was pleased to see my mothers pictures featured so prominently and clearly enjoyed by all.
    The other picture of Bella Rose Cottage was also taken by her.
    She was a pioneer, an eccentric, a naturalist and loved color very much. I know she would have approved.
    Sharon McDonnell
    c/o Mother-daughter press and Gay Bumgarner Images

  13. Gosh, that baby pink-colored door looks fabulous for me! And how about the pink ladder that complemented fairly with the door? Heeh, now that's cool! Nevermind if your door isn't as pretty as what you want. As they say, everything is unique, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)

  14. The front door is something that your guests will see first, so it should be welcoming enough. It’s a good idea that you also painted it pink like your wooden step ladder. That way, your door will blend well with the hues of any materials nearby. I noticed a yellow chair near your wooden ladder. Why don’t you paint it pink also? Hehe.

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  16. You remind me of my little sister, Sharon. Like you, she’s also a “PINKster!” Haha! Anyway, even though those pictures above are really lovely, I believe that you can make your own beautiful pink door. A true artist can make a masterpiece out of a scratch of paper. And I hope that you’ve already made it.

    William Gulliver