Thursday, May 5, 2011

100 Follower Giveaway

Wow ! Thank you ! 100 followers !

There was a time when I would have never believed I would reach this point.

But I have made some great friends , and I love each and every one of you !

So I want to celebrate by having a giveaway.

What I'm going to do is offer a pencil portrait to the winner of my giveaway.

The winner can send me a picture of their choise , with 1 or 2 people in it, it could be your grandma , your mom ,Uncle Harry , your wedding picture , or your favorite little guy or girl .

That will be totally up to you.

What do you think ? Would you like to win that ?

Here are some examples of what I'm talking about ...

This is my mom...This is the drawing from that photo..

This is one of my brother-in-laws...

A friend's child...

Another brother-in-law...

My daughter-in-law and her dad ...

My friend's other child...

The only rules are you must be or become a follower.

Just leave a comment on this blog and you will be entered.

I will draw a winner on Saturday May 14th .


  1. Oh Sharon Sweetie...
    What a beautiful idea. I love each of your pencil drawings. They are so real and in-depth. I loved them all. What a treasure for any one of us lucky followers.

    Please enter my name into the drawing. I have many that I would love to have sketched. So special. Many thanks for the wonderful opportunity. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. Congratulations !!!!
    Love this wonderful idea and would be thrilled to win {you are talented}
    one of your 100 followers already

  3. Wow Sharon what an awesome artist you are!! Ooo, pick me, pick me! Congratulations on reaching 100 followers! Glad I'm one of them.

    Hugs XX

  4. Congratulations on 100 follwers ~ how exciting for you and again you are so talented. These sketches are wonderful ;-)

  5. You do gorgeous work Sharon. Who wouldn't want to be entered into your drawing. You are very talented. Thanks for this opportunity! Hugs!

  6. My only problem is that I have 3 -- we might have to work something out. Congrats on 100. Have a great weekend. Jan

  7. How very sweet of you stop by and join in on the fun...Thank you for inviting me over..I just became your 101 happy follower...Wow what a Fantastic Giveaway....I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to enter....

  8. These are amazing & you are quite talented! Thanks for visiting my blog today. Congrats on the 100 followers & I am your newest follower.

  9. What a generous and lovely idea. Your drawings are beautiful. I used to enjoy drawing from pictures but was never as talented as you. My family was my biggest fan base!

    It was a pleasure to meet you, I've added my name to your followers. Thanks for coming by and entering my giveaway!

  10. Your drawings are amazing - what a wonderful giveaway! Your newest follower,

  11. Guess I better throw my hat in the ring too ...
    I would love to have a chance to win one of your pieces of art. I'm still at 21 followers total ~ LOL ! Maybe someday I'll get there too!
    Looks like I'll have plenty of time to think about what my gift would be ??? :)

  12. Congratulations on the 100 followers, and what a beautiful pencil portraits you have created.
    I am your newest follower.

  13. Oh my are so talented! I can't draw at all, so for me it's pretty much MAGIC. Yes, Please enter me in your drawing. I'm going to follow right now.

  14. Hi Sharon,
    thanks for coming to my blog! thanks for letting me know about your incredible giveaway!
    fingers crossed!!!


  15. Wow, you are a terrific artist!