Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pink Saturday Garage Sale Finds

First ! Happy Mother's Day to you all !

Next ,Happy Pink Saturday !

Yesterday my Sis and I went garage saleing( is that a word ? ) This was really our first time out this spring , and of course we had a great time . She came back with enough baskets to open her own basket store . And these are a few of the things I found.A PINK waffle weave table cloth...

This cute little ceramic flower bowl and dish , I don't have any idea what it is supposed to be used for , but it's pretty and pink , so what more could you ask for ?

And this little glass cloche( did I spell that right ? ).

I think it was ment to cover butter , but it will never do that lowly job again .I have been on the look out for them and this is the first one I have found around here , I'm still looking for a bigger one .

Well that's it ! My Pink Saturday finds.

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And don't forget my Giveaway here !

The drawing is next Saturday Morning !


  1. Happy Pink Saturday
    I love when people share their finds.
    The props for my PS post were bought in a charity shop (no garage sales in Scotland, which is a pity).

  2. I always try to have a mental list of what I'm looking for when I garage sale Not only does it make it more fun but it helps me limit my impulse purchases. You found some very pretty things! Happy Mother's Day to you, too.

  3. That little flower dish is divine. What a lucky find.
    HPS & Happy Mothers Day too

  4. Happy Pink Saturday (a day late!) There are a loot to go through! I too love it when people share their yard sale finds. I love the "whatever" dish!

  5. OH, I am sooo jealous...I haven't been garage saleing in maybe forever. Yes. I DO think it's a word. Maybe we should spell it like the boat...sailing...sailing from sale to sale!! he he

    Come over to my blog for a visit, I'm giving away something pretty!