Monday, January 17, 2011

What !?

Will you look at this plant ! What's going on ?
I had to stick a dow rod in it to hold it up.
I expected it to get about as tall as the top ribbon , but it surpassed my expectations.It is 36" from the table to the top of the plant. I had no idea it would get this tall.
Have you ever had one grow this much ?
It's been fun to watch it .
I just had to share it with you .
OK.... Now back to sewing dollys.


  1. Holly cow! My daughter grew an amaryllis that shot up about 24 inches this year.

  2. Wowser! You must have a green thumb! I didn't have one this year. Just two poinsettias, one is now dead and the other is flourishing.

  3. Man oh man that is huge!! You might have to raise your ceiling :)

  4. My paperwhites all started blooming the day after Christmas & I had to brace them with sticks so they wouldn't fall. Couldn't figure out why you hadn't posted & turned out I hadn't signed up as a follower. I am now & I'll put you on my sidebar -- duh!!!! Spring open house will be here before you know it.

  5. I gave paperwhites in an old jar to my mother last year for the holidays... she called me every other day to report on the measurements! She had to put a dowel in her's too.

    This year I have some of my own, can't wait to see how big they get. I love how you supported yours with a dowel and ribbon, I'll have to keep that in mind.


    PS came over from vintage inspiration friday