Thursday, January 13, 2011

Treasured Keepsakes

After my mother passed away , my Sister and I went through the things she and my father had collected over the years , kept what we each wanted for remembrance sake and sold the rest. One thing I always knew I wanted was this chocolate set. My mother got it from a family friend who was my grandmothers best friend . My grandmother died when my mother was only six , so this lady was like a Godmother to my mom .

She let my mother choose some things she wanted from her many antiques , she said she wanted my mother to have them before she ( The Godmother ) died.

This was the first thing my mother chose. When I asked her why she chose it , she said she just always thought it was pretty, she didn't know how old it was or if it was worth anything , she just loved it.

I've always loved it because she did.

I always thought it was transfer ware but I'm not sure because there are some subtle differences in the pieces with the same scene on them.

Anyway I decided to show y'all and maybe you could give me your input on them.

The set includes a tray, four cups and saucers and the chocolate pot.

Two saucers have the same scene and the other two are different , makes me think there were a lot more at one time.

The four cups have two different scenes , if you look close you can see the subtle differences.

Aren't the shades of green beautiful ?

The cups and saucers have the same marks on them.

But the chocolate pot and tray are both different.

They all have Rheingold and Germany on them.
Can anyone tell me anything about them ?

That is Louis XIV on the tray. Sorry I could have gotten a little closer on that one.

I already know that it is priceless to me. But is it worth anything to someone else ?
Have any ideas how I can find out ?


  1. These are stunning, what a treasure for sure. Hugs Marilou

  2. Goodness! Such a beautiful set! I have no clue about their worth but they are called Rosenthal China..Here's a plate on Ebay

    Hope that helps a little!


  3. Okay, found one more item, a vase that matches your set..

  4. OH MY HECK, that is gorgeous, Sharon! I LOVE that pattern and color. Just beautiful! I don't know a thing about it, but I'll look around and keep my eyes peeled.

    Come by and check out the newest giveaway and have a really good day.

  5. Hi Sharon,
    What beautiful treasures you have posted here! I have some amazing news, so please come over to my blog to see the latest!!!!

  6. I love this set!!!
    Congratulations on being Cindy's pick for the month!!!

  7. Sharon, that set is just beautiful. I have seen lots of sets like that but none in that gorgeous green color. Maybe you can start adding to it by checking ebay out. Worth a try. It's so pretty. xo