Friday, January 7, 2011


Last October at the end of our craft shows , my sister and I remarked about how low our rag doll population was. And we said at the time we really needed to get started earlier making them this year so we wouldn't be so swamped just before the shows. So our resolution was to start in January and make two dolls a week, it could be two of the same doll, that way by the time the first show in September rolled around we would have a substantial inventory. So on the first of January I started digging through some old patterns and came up with 4 or 5 that I thought I would like to make again. And glory be I am in the mood to sew ! I just didn't make two dolls this week , I made five.
I made three of this first doll all in different color dresses.
This is Dee Dee , she is a Chestnut Junction pattern.
Isn't she a cutie ?
And this is Ugly But Cuddly Annie , A Katie's Homespun Stitches pattern.
I don't think she's ugly...

Now is she ?

Here are the girls all lined up !

The only thing left to do to these is to spray a little tea stain on them to give them a little age.
I ran out of instant tea , I'll get some tomorrow.
Gotta go through those patterns again to see which one is gonna be next.
Gotta keep going while I'm in the mood to sew.
I'm like that with all my crafts and painting.
If I'm not in the mood nothing turns out right.
Are you like that ?

Hey , I'm already three dolls ahead !
( You can't see me , but I'm doing a little dance. )

I'm going to link this post with Cindy Adkins' Whimsical Musings Creative Challange
Better late than never , I've added Pink Saturday.
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  1. Hi Sharon~ hopped over from Creative Spirit Challenge...I love your've been really productive lately! Your folk dolls are so sweet, and I love your portraits! My daughter is a realist portrait artist, too, and I know how much talent artwork like yours takes! I'm looking forward to reading more...I am a new follower...

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Oh my you have been a busy bee! I just love these ragdoll girls, they all have the sweetest personalities.


  3. Oh my cute are they?? Just think if you keep up with making 5 a week you can quit in June...:)

  4. must be in the mood to sew! Great job!

  5. You are ahead of the game, good for you. I just love primitives and esp. dolls. No matter what or how many times you use the same pattern, each doll takes on a life of her own. It's almost like each one has her own soul.
    You live in the south, and shows are so popular there. You are right to get ahead of the game. I wish you all the luck this is and I so look forward to seeing more of your work and how you are doing with the two dolls a week promise. HA
    Happy Pink Saturday to you and yours, Char

  6. Your dolls are really cute. I love that the first one is holding her own little dolly. Happy Pink Saturday.

  7. Hi Sharon! I love your dolls! (Dolls and quilts were my first love, and I used to sell them at craft shows before I went on to antiques and wood and wire, etc.) You bring back the memories of the many dolls I made over the years! I just can't put the WIRE down these days to go back to them! I hope your snow and ours' disappears REAL fast!!

  8. Hi Sharon, My favorite doll is the one that's most like Raggedy Ann. I think we still have the rag dolls I made my daughters in the attic. It's been a long time since I made a doll.

  9. Hi Sharon, I'm a little late getting over to your blog from Pink Saturday but HPS late just the same. I love dolls too, Your little rag dolls are great and I agree that there isn't enough handmade dollies these days. I plan on doing a few myself and joined a cloth and clay doll group to see if I could give a try at the paper clay faces, I show my first few when they are done but right now I', making some other crafts. Good to keep doing all the things you love, I be back for another visit! Hugs Marilou

  10. You have just been given the Stylish Blogger Award. This award is to get other bloggers a chance to visit a new and wonderful blog such as yours. Heartful Hugs Marilou

  11. I love your little girls -- they are adorable in the cute little dresses!

  12. Love that you are in the mood to get things done! The dolls are adorable!! Thanks for linking up to the 1st Project of the Year Party at WhisperWood Cottage. Be sure to add the party button to the post so that you are eligible to win!

  13. Wow...these ae all absilutelt beautiful..gorgeous little are super talented!! Shine on!