Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thrift Store Chair Makeover

A little while back I found this chair at a thrift store for $10.00 .


Don’t you love the mix of plaids ?
The arms were loose and there was a chip out of the wood on one of the arms . But I thought it had some potential and the price was right .
I repaired the loose arms with some wood glue and some screws , filled in the chipped spot with wood putty and painted her with Simply White Cee Cee Caldwell chalk and clay paint.


That’s right ! I painted it right in the middle of my living room . By the fireplace and the TV . Call me crazy !
I usually paint in the sun room or my work room , but it was cold that day and it just felt better in the living room .
 I didn’t spill anything !
Anyway this is how it turned out …

A friend gave me the ticking fabric and I had just enough to finish this chair .
Took it down to our “Sweetie Pie Cottage “ booth at Lovejoy’s.


An guess what ?

It sold ! 

Woo Hoo !

Pam and I are heading out tomorrow to do some thrift stores and flea markets and see what we can find to fix up and resale .
I don’t think I am going to get rich doing this , but I am having fun !


  1. That's one lovely chair! I'm not at all surprised that it sold quickly. It's great!

  2. That chair turned out awesome--I am not surprised it sold quickly!

  3. You did good!!!! Don't you love it when someone spends money on something you've made....guess we all need approval! I'm like you, I work wherever I want in the winter.....& I don't have to clean up every night. Happy hunting! Jan

  4. fun is what it's all about these day!

  5. Hi Sharon! Nice job on the chair! Glad it sold for you. Nothing I like better than poking around in junk shops. SO nice you stopped by! Thanks for the nice comment!