Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My Take on a Headboard Bench

A few months ago I found a Jenny Lind full headboard and footboard at a resale store near me for $15.00 .
Here is a picture of the headboard and a piece of the footboard before.

It took me a lot of figuring to decide how to attach the pieces I cut to make arms on my bench.
Needless to say I spent a lot of time looking through pictures on Pinterest to finally decide what I was going to do .

I got to use several of my power tools on this one . I defiantly won’t pick this style of bed if I ever make another.

This is the final project all painted .

I distressed it a little and clear waxed it , then added a couple of pillows in pillow shams to make it more comfortable .


Then I took it down to our booth at Lovejoy’s.


We have the booth all decorated for Valentine's day.

I sold my tutu vanity and several other things last week. So all in all I am pleased with how the booth is doing . And I am having fun finding things to fill it .
I hope the bench sells quickly !
On to the next project !


  1. That's incredible! You are so clever. It looks beautiful!

  2. I am so impressed. Want to get used to a saw but they scare me. After seeing what you did, maybe I'll try it. Is the windsor chair in your booth old or a reproduction? I have such a desire for some old windsors. Jan

  3. I love that bench! I am sure it will sell quickly!

  4. I love your bench. You ALWAYS do an excellent job. I would love to be as talented as you. I would love to come to see the things you have in your booth. However, it is quite a drive for me. Maybe some day. :)

  5. Sharon, I posted this on my Pinterest board "New Uses for Old Things" and referenced your blog. Hope you don't mind.