Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rainy Day

It rained all day today . They say we need the rain because we are low on rainfall for the month . That doesn’t mean it was not a dreary day, as you can see looking out my kitchen window .


While you were looking out that window , did you happen to notice the new window topper ? I found a pair of red plaid curtain panels at one of our resale stores a while back and decided to make a new sink skirt and window topper from them . I like the one made from a vintage table cloth better , but this is nice for a change .


If you look a little closer , in the sink you will see a cute little enamel wash basin I found at an Etsy shop called Grace Meadows Farm.



It’s great for washing up a few dishes when I don’t want to run the dishwasher . Plus it matches my ladle . I remember back when I was a little girl , my grandmother had a bucket of well water sitting on the counter with a ladle in it for drinking , that was the best tasting water and nobody worried about the germs. You wouldn’t think about doing that today.

One more thing .

A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from Whisper Wood Cottage . Three wonderful Purdy brushes . I can’t wait to find a new painting project .


Thanks Amy !

The weatherman says it’s going to rain again tomorrow, so it’s going to be indoor projects again…. Or maybe no project …. probably no project.

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  1. Such a sweet cottage. Love the colors and the curtain under sink...


  2. Congrats on the Purdy brushes. I have one & I love it. Also, it's raining here too. Did make a pillow today but not much else. Wonder when winter will come back.

  3. I love this curtain and the curtain under the sink. It will be a nice change for awhile. We received a lot of rain over here too. I think 31/2 inches or so. I ran over a mud flap along with the metal from a state highway truck and blew out my tire on the driver's side of the car while taking my hubby to the doctor. Scaaaary All ended well with our son coming and changing the tire in the rain. He said I did a good job of not panicking when the tire blew. Quite the compliment from him. lol

    Hugs XX

  4. Congrats on your win. I think the skirt and topper look really cute. Nice basin.

  5. Being in Oregon I know all about rain and dreary days. But you know sometimes it is just so cozy to look out at those falling raindrops. I love the changing of the seasons. Love your valance and sink skirt!

  6. The valance & sink skirt are so cute! I love red plaid and it goes so nicely in your kitchen.

    Congrats on the brushes. I love Purdy brushes!

  7. I just love rainy days. It is a great time to get those indoor projects done. Love your window topper, it is adorable.

  8. Hi Sharon! Nice basin, and your new curtain is lovely. Here is raining too.

  9. Love your new valance. Love enamelware too. I collect blue swirl, but have so much now that thinning it out to my best pieces. The red and white is so cute in your kitchen!

  10. Your home is so very charming. Just prefect!

  11. Rainy, dark days are my favorite of all days. :) Love them to pieces. Feel great when it's rainy.

    I remember, too, when folks put their bucket of well water out with one dipper for everyone to use. Amazing that we even lived, hu? :))

  12. Thanks for stopping by to say hello:) I love all of your red and whites today. Those colors are always so happy together:) I tried to become a follower of yours but couldn't get through. I'll be back to try again. It is raining here today too but it't the weekend!\~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  13. What a cute kitchen. Looks like a picture from a magazine.

  14. I love your new window topper. How pretty is that? I bet it makes you smile while you're standing there doing the dishes!!


  15. love it all, especially the idea of a wash basin so you don't have to fill the sink!