Thursday, January 5, 2012

I’m in Love

If you can be in love with an object , than I’m in love with my new kitchen faucet !

It was a Christmas present ! Well , I asked for gift cards from Home Depot and this is what I bought with them . It’s kinda hard to ask for a kitchen faucet .

I got online and found it on sale for $99.00 at Home Depot .com . So I printed the add and went to my local Home Depot and found the same faucet . It was on sale there too, but for $134.00 , regularly $159.00 . So I took the online add to the customer service counter and showed it to them and they gave it to me for the online price.


I had admired this style on several other blogs like Maison Décor and Beneath My Heart . Theirs were so pretty but I didn’t think I could afford one so I had decided to get a gooseneck type cause I really needed a new faucet . My old one gave me a good spray every time I turned it on .


I think it looks great in my vintage retro kitchen.

My Son came over the other morning and installed it for me . Bless him !

So thank you for the gift cards from my Sister and Daughter ! I love it !

Going to join these great parties’…

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By the way ! My workroom is coming along real well , I will be shareing some pictures by early next week .


  1. Sooo perfect in that kitchen!!! Great choice!


  2. Looks great--so glad it makes you happy!

  3. Oh Sharon it's ADORABLE.... And I am sure doing the dishes is a WHOLE LOT MORE FUN!!! :)

  4. It looks FANTASTIC...just what I'd like in my kitchen.....someday. I also love your pretty sink.
    I think this is my first time here and I love it so am linking up to follow. Come see me when you have time....:)
    xoo bj

  5. Your new faucet looks great & your kitchen is always so pretty!

  6. Hey Sharon~ I love your new faucet, it looks really nice in your cottage kitchen.

    Elsie from Louisiana

  7. That is the perfect choice for your sink! Come to think of it, it's perfect for mine. ~ Maureen

  8. Hi Sharon! Love your kitchen anyway but that new faucet is the perfect addition! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful New Years!


  9. I can see why you're in love with it. Isn't it sometimes the funniest things that bring us such joy. It's perfect for your sink. Jan

  10. Love your faucet. I asked for a Lowes giftcard this year so I could be new knobs for my kitchen cabinet. Practical gifts are nice, aren't they?

  11. What a charming kitchen you have! I love the color combination, and the faucet fits perfectly.

  12. Amazing how a sink can look so fab with just a quick ol' upgrade! andrea@townandprairie

  13. Thanks for stopping by! We love meeting bloggers from NWA! Your kitchen is perfect, absolutely love the color combination! Now following! ~ Barbara and Alicia

  14. Your kitchen looks so adorable with your sink skirt and lively color!

    I know exactly how you feel about your new faucet--my new one makes me smile every time I use it. Isn't it funny how simple things can really make your day?

  15. That is a perfect faucet for your adorable cottage kitchen. Love it!

  16. I'd say that you can DEFINITELY be in love with that tap!! It's GORGEOUS!! Just look at the lines on that baby!!


  17. Oops, I forgot to add - thank you for having me at your lovely blog - I've signed up to follow you!