Friday, September 3, 2010

Thinking Fall

The first few days of September get me thinking about fall , cooler nights , cooler days , leaves starting to change colors , all those wonderful things.
I love fall !

We got rain on the first of Sept. ( my sister's birthday ) , and again last night, everything was getting so dry , the grass would crunch when you walked on it. You could almost see it turn back green as the rain came down.

I'm hoping the leaves have good color this year , there is nothing prettier than these hills in the fall .

Yesterday my son and I got a bee in our bonnets to change the look of the front porch , I have had rails with cutouts in then , and some of them were getting rotten . So we took them out and just left the straight boards that were in between. This is what we have now.

I Think this is a little too open , so I think we are going to put two real narrow boards between each bigger board. And then paint the porch deck.

That's a nice fall project , and all while I'm trying to get ready for craft fairs.

Oh well , there is nothing like keeping busy.

Have a great weekend !

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  1. ..and make sure you take pics of those hills of fall color to share with us in blogland:) Love your porch, it looks so inviting and restful. Thanks for visiting my blog too~I am now a follower of yours:)