Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three Cranky Old Women

The craft season for 2011 is over for Sweetie Pies Creations . Five weekends in a row was hard on us. By the end of the fourth one we were talking about adding a small sign under our big one that reads ( AKA Three Cranky Old Women ). And we may actually do that next year for laughs . We are thinking about only doing three shows next year with a free week in between them .

Really , we had a great time , talked to a lot of great people , and sold a bunch .


Here are some pictures from the last show at War Eagle Mill, these were taken early morning on the first day. It was a 4 day show .



We went with 15 windows and came home with 2 …


Billie sold a lot of baby quilts …


I sold all my ruffled bags…


At the last minute before this show I altered this old silverware box to be used as a jewelry box , I love how it turned out . It sold first thing .

Some of the graphics are from The Graphic Fairy.


I found an antique booth while we were there and bought 3 more boxes, among other things, that I am going to add to my Etsy shop when I get them finished .

And because of this last picture I am going to link with White Wednesday at Kathleen’s Faded Charm .

Thank you Kathleen !


  1. Congratulations Sharon! It's very satisfying to do shows and come home with very little stuff, I bet your ruffled bags flew from your booth.
    XXX Ido

  2. Sounds like you had a VERY full and wonderful year of selling... It is amazing how much work really goes into making things....I see something and say, Oh I can make that.. then realize the time it takes and then say... I think I will just buy one already made... : ) Especially when you already have a lot of Creative Irons in the fire...

  3. Well, I'm glad to hear you had a good craft season. I love the idea of the sign with the 3 Cranky Old Women...cute idea!

  4. 4 day show? your sign should say 3 crazy girls!!!
    Everything looks great, I love the windows! You sure did a lot of shows, i do the one and am pooped still today. t. xoxo

  5. Cool! Sounds like a complete success. I think the name 3 cranky old women is funny, but you're not at all cranky!