Monday, August 29, 2011

Last Step in the Island Redo

The last thing I wanted to do for my island redo was change the light fixture .

After pricing the light fixtures I liked I decided I didn’t need to spend the money on a new light fixture right now . It would have to wait .

But I’m not good at waiting…

So I thought , why not change the one I had so at least it would be something different to look at ?

You remember I had this fixture that had a pot rack on it …



I didn’t hang pots on it cause they were in the way , always right there in your face. So what good is a pot rack if you don’t use it ? And I wanted something a little more industrial looking .

So I called my sis to come over and hold on to it while I took in down.

Then I proceeded to take it apart.

I cleaned it up and painted it.


I wasn’t paying much attention when I took it down as to how it was wired.

It was heavy and I was hurrying so Pam wouldn’t have to hold it over her head to long .

Because it has a pull chain and was not connected to a light switch , it didn’t go back together as easy as it came apart . I ended up taking the fixture down to a local electrical supply store and having them show me how to wire it back.

Then Pam came over and held it again while I wired it back up.

And here is what it looks like now.




No pot rack in the way !

And all for the cost of a can of spray paint .

It will do till I find a fixture I like better . I sure like it better than how it was .


  1. You are so clever Sharon, it looks great, wish I had your talent

  2. Oh My Goodness Sharon...You are just Simply Amazing...You have taken your Whole Kitchen Center and transformed it into a Magazine Page...Actually more like the Magazine Front Cover... : )You have done a Fantastic Job and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey... : )

  3. I love the light fixture! Everything came out so nice!

  4. My goodness, Sharon ... it looks great!! Really opened your kitchen, didn't it? You are the clever one!!
    Pink Hugs,

  5. What an amazing woman,, One day I would love to come see this work of art.

  6. Wow such creativity! I love it! Where did you get your cool island too?

  7. You are so creative! I would have never thought of this. The new fixture looks great.

  8. It looks great! Your island redo is marvelous too! I love old vintage linens and your kitchen is so very cheery, you must love being in there!

  9. Fantastic!!! Love a redo that makes do until you can do what you really want to do!


  10. I love your warm and inviting....just like you.