Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Porch and Romance

Ahh... Porches and romance , makes me think of kisses good night and sitting on the porch swing with your sweetheart. Or maybe a young girl sitting on that swing waiting for her beau to come by.When I think about porches I see visions of Andy , Aunt Bea , and Opie sitting around on on a summers eve talking about the goings on in Mayberry.
Or the porch at the country store where everyone gathered to gossip or play a game of checkers.
Or where the family gathered to have that photographer come to
take a family picture.

When I think of a Romantic porch , it looks like this...

Or this...

Or this...

My porch may not be that romantic , but it is where family and friends
gather to talk and eat and enjoy a summer holiday .

Where flowers bloom , kids play in the yard and everyone feels at home.
I think that has an element of romance .

Don't you ?
Well now I am really yearning for warm weather, and soft summer nights .

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  1. I love your front porch -- just looks like 4th of July. Seems everyone lives at the back of their house but a front porch is so welcoming. Say a little (or big) prayer cause it looks like it may warm up after we get the next few days out of the way. I'm sooooo ready!!! Have a good week. Jan

  2. I love how you took us through the years in just a few words and pictures! I think many of us gals have had some romance with perhaps even our first kiss at the door on our porch. But there is a wonderful romantic notion about keeping family close isn't there!?!

  3. YES! This IS romance .... true romance ... friends and family gathered around all enjoying each others company ... you've nailed it my friend!


  4. I think having friends, family and loved ones around sharing talk and laughter is perfectly romantic! That's what porches are for.


  5. Hi Sharon,

    Your porch is fabulous...and all of who is on it makes it special and why it speaks to you. Beloved family and friends gathering....well, there's just not much better.

    I'm visiting for Porch Club Monday...
    Stephanie ♥

  6. Oh Sharon, how sweet. I loved the picture of your porch most of all out of the post because it was filled with family and it looks like you guys have alot of fun! What a sweet post! Nice to meet you!

  7. I loved the front porch pictures... sigh... we're all connected in wonderful ways in cyberspace... but nothing's like a good sit on a front porch with real people...


  8. I think your porch is just beautiful....