Friday, December 10, 2010

A few more signs of Christmas

Sorry I haven't blogged much this week, I have been fighting with a cold and it won .
But I'm feeling better today , and that's good , and just in time cause I'm sitting with my grand kids tonight while their Mom and Dad go to Dad's work Christmas party.
Here is a shot of my littlest , and # 1 on the cute meter, Reed.
Looks like he is waiting for Santa .Anyway , here are some more signs of Christmas at my house.
In the kitchen I took all the junk I had hanging on the pot rack light fixture down, and added some greenery and some red ball ornaments I had left. It makes the island look festive .

A little fun with Photoscape...

In the entry way I just brought in the overgrown pine like plant that I got years ago, and added some snowflakes.

I like the winter feel of it !

I keep saying I'm done decorating , and then I add one more thing...
Do you think this will go on all the way up till Christmas ?
Have a wonderful weekend you all !


By the way I made some changes to our Etsy shop .
Now all the prices include shipping , and you can pay with Paypal.


  1. she's precious to the core!!!!

    the pot rack is amazing, along with that tree.

  2. Too precious your wee one!!!! Love that pose! I adore what you did with your kitchen.