Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Past ,Present , and Future

This is Christmas 1951 , I was three , almost four, my sister was seven. It was still dark out and there was sleep in our eyes.In 1954 I was seven , my sister eleven , with my Dad , waiting for the big day.

1957 , that's one of our cousins, my sister is a teenager now , and I think she is so cool.
Look at the excitement on my face. Do you remember the Glasswax stencils we used to put on the windows ?
Wish I had that crinoline slip now.

This is 1973 , my daughter had just turned one year old in Nov. , it was her second Christmas , but the one we found most exciting , although we had to wake her up because we were so excited to see her reaction to what Santa brought.

1981 , my son was two and a half.

2010 , My littlest grandson is eleven months.

The excitement is back .
Even the older two grandchildren are excited about what his reactions will be this year.
Yes! Christmas really is for and about children.
Jesus's Birthday, A party held around the world !

The future is our children and grandchildren.
Believe !
Merry Christmas !

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