Monday, October 18, 2010

War Eagle Shows

This was our last show this fall , and it was a great one , but it always is.
War Eagle takes place in the back of beond about halfway between Ericka Springs and Fayetteville , Arkansas.
They have been doing this fair for about 50 years.
This mill is a working mill, the first floor is the mill works and bakery, second floor is a gift shop , and top floor is a resturant. I took this picture from the bridge that crosses the War Eagle river.Early Thursday morning first day, it was cold, that's our friend Billie sitting down behind the tables , she makes the cute vintage style aprons hanging behind her, and baby quilts, this is her first year hanging out with Sweetie Pies. She was back there hunting for something in her purse , can you see the look she is giving me for taking her picture ? Ha

As you can see half of the booth is outside , the shoping basket full of sculls goes with the booth next to us. I was really tempted to buy one to put in my garden for Halloweeen. I bought a bunny instead , he can stay out there year around.

There was intertainment on the mill porch everyday...
And the crowds got like this everyday . We have been doing this show for 6 or 7 years and have never seen the crowds so thick , must have been the nice weather, it started out cold every morning but got up to the mid to uper 70's every afternoon.
We have worked this show in the rain, hail , and even snow one year, you just never know what to expect.

There are really 3 shows in one at this sight , the War Eagle Mill show where our booth is has only about 25 crafters all in the mill yard. then there is the War Eagle Farm show that is across the bridge on the hill, the picture of the mill in the next photo was taken from there.

There are 4 large circus size tents and a large wood building they call the barn, it is back behind the actual barn you see in this picture. Got to be at least 200 crafters in this area.

This is inside the barn Friday before the crowds got there.

A view of the tents.

A view of the bridge from the mill side.

I don't have any pictures from the third section of the show, it is an open field called Sharps Field on the other side of the mill and there are another 200 crafters and antique dealers over there.
It is a beautiful place and a great show , but it is 4 days long, and Pam , Billie , and I are very tired, but we will be back next year !


  1. What a lovely place and setting for a show and visit. I hope you did well and are getting some well deserved rest.