Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last minute littles

I'm always looking for things to do with old books , a friend of mine who is a teacher saw that I had painted on an old book that I had picked up at a flea market, she asked me if I needed some books , I said sure , and the next thing I knew she brought me a car trunk load of books that they had cleaned out of the school library.So in between shows when I want to make something fast , I put together something on an old book, sometimes painted, and sometimes decopodged like these are .

These are my little last minute things for this weeks show, really simple and fun to make.

Hope you like them as much as I do !
Wish us luck this weekend !


  1. Hi Sharon!
    You would have had fun with us in that dirty barn, we laughed so hard!

    I love the altered books, they all look so pretty and the images that you used are fantastic. I bet they are gone in an instant!

    Good luck with your sale!


  2. Sharon,

    You are so gifted! I am sure these will go fast!
    Have fun at your sale.

    best wishes

  3. I hope you had a good show this weekend! I know how tough things are right now in sales! My sales have dropped considerably this year, the politicians may say the recession is over but I'm not seeing much proof of that yet!

    Your altered books are great! And your other goodies you sell are too, wish I lived close by, I'd stop at your booth!

    Have a lovely week!