Saturday, October 2, 2010

Harvest Homecomming and craft fair

Another weekend, another festival, this one is in our home town of Harrison , Arkansas.

It's a sweet little fair with politicians , farmers markets , church bake sales, and local crafters. There is always a good crowd , if not always a lot of money flowing, but talking to the hometown folks and enjoying the fall weather is worth the work to set up.

We didn't do too bad today and we have one more day to go .
Hope you all are having a good weekend !


  1. Hi Sharon,
    I love fairs and art shows! The booth you are showing looks like a great place to find some goodies.


  2. Oh to be in the Ozarks this time of year!!!! You are living a dream Sharon. Looks like a perfect weekend for a fair of any kind there. Hope you bring home a tote full of money and many happy memories!
    Happy Fall!!!!
    p.s. I love the *smile* photo;)