Saturday, October 23, 2010

Colors of the Ozarks

Even though there is only one more full week of October the colors here are still not quite peek.
It has been so dry we may not get as much color as we usually do.
I went for a ride today and captured some of the beauty of fall in the Ozarks. The first two photos are the road I live on, you just go a little ways past my house and around the curve and this is the view you get.Taking a little closer look...
If you turn around to go back around the curve this is what you see.

I took another county road , Lick Creek Rd, and these are the photos I took along there...

Then I went on into town and found all this color.

Don't you just love maple trees ?

The cemetery on the edge of town is called Maple Wood , and this is the reason why...

Thank you God for putting me in this beautiful place at this point in my life !
I hope you injoyed these photos from my ride as much as I did .
Have a wonderful weekend !


  1. Oh Sharon,
    This is breathtaking...what a gorgeous drive...We don't have foliage here so it is such a JOY to see it!!! (I'm in New Orleans.)

    It is so nice to meet you and I just want to say that you are truly an inspiration...

  2. Beautiful pictures!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. These are just too beautiful for words. The shot of the little dirt road continuing over the little rise reminds me of *home* in NE Arkansas.
    I fully enjoyed this post. Hope you have more coming!:)Wishing you a blessed Sunday!

  4. hi sharon, thanks for your kind comment on my post your photos are breathtaking!Christie

  5. yes, we've noticed missouri trees are quite as colorful as last year, but the maples still show off, bless their hearts.

    yay autumn!!!!

  6. It's so beautiful there! Your pictures are just stunning.

    I think I've been shortchanged~We don't get nearly as many colors during the fall here in the west.