Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Blue Heaven

This room is my sanctuary, it has some of my favorite things in it.
I painted the walls and ceiling a pale peaceful blue, then added a
lot of white.
The stitchery above the bed is in an old window for a frame, We
make a lot of these for our craft shows. This one has the quote about
dancing in the rain that is in the upper right hand corner of my blog. The paintings that you can see on the walls in these first three pictures,
were done of my children when they were little, by my good friend and
long ago teacher, artist Gerrie Govert, Type in her name on google and you will
find her web page.
The old rocking chair is over 100 years old and came to me from my
mother, the glass lamps, my husband bought for me over 30 years
ago , when we still lived in Indiana . They were packed away when we
moved , and stayed that way till about a year ago, when I was
sorting through stuff trying to get rid of things I wasn't using. When I
saw these again I realized they would look good in my bedroom.
I found the antique iron bed headboard and foot board at a craft
and antique fair for $50.00, and then had to find rails to fit it.
They cost me $50.00 also, I thought $100.00 for an antique iron
bed was pretty good.
My late husband made the pretty little dry sink and mirror frame
years ago. I searched for a long time to find just the perfect
enamel pitcher and bowl , and found them in two different places.
The round mirror with the blue sides came from the home my
husband grew up in . It was hanging on the wall in his living room
the first time I went to meet his parents.

Across from the bed is the armoire that hides my TV.
That is the door to my bathroom next to it.
I found the two little baby gowns while I was on vacation
out east last year.
The drawing above is a pre study for a painting I did
of my children when they were little.

I actually like the drawing better than the painting.
Well there you have it, My blue heaven...
I hope you enjoyed looking at it as much as love sleeping
in it.
Have a great weekend !

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