Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I want it WHITE !

Well ,as you can see , I have this pagoda like structure
in my side yard , or garden, and it is or was a black metal.So this morning while it was still cool I decided to work on getting
it white, my daughter-in-law painted one of the posts for me the other day.
It's a little blotchy up close, you know how spray paint is till you get enough coats,
But I think it will look good when we get it finished.
What do you think ?
My son is helping make rock beds for flowers and plants,
you can see them in these two pictures.

I think this will be a sweet cottage garden when we get
done with it, we are just waiting for the weather to start cooling down.
I have so many ideas for decorating that pagoda.

I haven't heard anything about the camper yet,
it is still in the paper, and still next to the lady's house,
so it hasn't sold yet.

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