Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is't she beautiful ?

This is my maternal grandmother when she was around 17 years old ,Dora Aileen Spraggins .
Unfortunately she died when my mother was only 6 years old , so my mother didn't remember much about her, or even how she died. She is a mystery to me.
Look at that dress , she was quite a fashion plate, wasn't she ?
My mother had a few more pictures , but I love this one.
A few years after Dora died my grandfather married again to a wonderful lady who I grew up thinking of as my grandmother , Mama Clara. My grandfather and she later devorced, but she remained my grandmother for the rest of her life , and the man she later married , Papa Jim , became another grandfather to me. I loved them both dearly.
Anyway , I wanted to share this great picture with you !
Have a wonderful day !

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