Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hello Beautiful !

There is a new lady on my front porch , I have been looking for her for quite awhile. The last time I saw one they wanted $200.00 for it !
Then my neighbor called the other evening and said she saw one at a local thrift store flea market and that I was going to like the price .
The next morning I loaded both my grandsons in the car and headed down there.
Here she is !


The lady at the store told me that it works , but tends to smoke a bit . That’s okay I don’t think she will have to work another day in her life , she can retire and just sit around and be pretty.
Do you see a theme happening here ?




How much was she ?
( $45.00 ! )

My house portrait paid for her plus a new blouse too, I am a happy camper.
Next goal for the porch is to replace ( probably one by one ) the plastic chairs with metal motel lawn chairs. The hunt is on !

Do you think I need a cloths line out there ?

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  1. Oh my goodness. I have one of these too and I love it~! Mine is green. She is beautiful. ;-)

  2. She's a beauty! I'm glad you finally got one!

  3. She's beautiful. Love how you have her so dressed up!

  4. Oh yes--a clothesline with beautiful things hung on it would look perfect! Love your new addition:)

  5. It's fabulous! If I got that phone call I would have dropped the kids' school and run to that thrift store faster than Superman. I love you whole porch! And yes, I'd love a clothes line out there. You would make it look so cute! Lisa~

  6. Love it! Yes, hang some doilies on a line across the proch front!

  7. Oh I wish you lived close. I have 15 old metal chairs that I have picked up cheap at different places. I would gladly let some go cheap! I just haven't decided which ones to keep and which to let go of!! LOL

    I really like what you did with your washer. My husband brought one home that works last Winter. She sits on my back porch. I chose that place because my grandmother kept her's on the back porch. Mine is the square Maytag.(20.00) I sure like your round one better!
    You porch looks cute!

  8. What a great find! At first i was like...that looks familiar, but i'm not sure what it is, then i thought, is it an old washer...? then i read the other bloggers comments and realized what it was! Soooo cool!


  9. Great price! But what is wrong with your chairs, I love them!