Friday, November 4, 2011

This Week’s Projects

All this week I have been watching my sweet baby Reed , who has been under the weather , and even though he is two months shy of it , has already hit the terrible twos. So it has been fun.

The good thing is he loves Sesame Street . He will sit or stand in his playpen for long periods of time watching it . which gives Nanaw a break , and time to get a few things done .

Here are a couple of things I was able to get done this week.

Remember awhile back when I showed you this ?


I found this unfinished cabinet door I had laying around and these hooks.


This is what I came up with…


Sorry this is not staged , I haven’t figured out where I’m going to put it yet . I want to put it in my bathroom , but have to do some rearranging to have room for it


Can’t you see some fluffy towels on that top shelf thing ? Now that I am looking at it here , I am thinking it would look good with a graphic on that bottom panel above the hooks. What do you think ?

I painted it with homemade chalk paint , 1 cup paint , 2 tbls. un-sanded grout .

I used Behr’s Premium Plus flat paint in Cotton Whisper . There were so many pretty white shades I had a hard time making up my mind . ( I went with the name I liked the best ).

I used the same color to paint this keepsake box…


I’m going to add this to my Etsy shop today.


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  1. oh that's fantastic!!! I LOVE it, can't wait to see where you put it and how you accessories it... Great job...

  2. I came very close to buying that identical shelf for the bathroom, but around here, they cost about $150. and John was not too happy!